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Tanner’s Devil: Author Interuption

yes, I know you hate these, especially the old readers and especially near the end of the book.

This is where I make a decision… to post or not to post… that is the question.

(smiling wickedly)

Let me ponder that for a moment while I chat and respond to people.

First, I’m a pretty good predictor of my stories, aren’t I? I said about 40 chapters and we’re hitting 40. Can you believe that?

I’m good (doing the happy dance.)

Second, guess who called me… well that’s just a crazy and annoying question. Of course you wouldn’t be able to guess. Yahoo called me. I swear. I was skeptical at first too. They’d been emailing me about December telling me they wanted to speak to me about my 360 experience and they set a date and time twice and had to reschedule it until today at 1pm (which is why the post was all phucked up.) Anyway, she enjoyed my experience so much that she asked if I’d be interested in participating in any media things that they were working on to do in the next couple of months.

We’ll see, but that’d be so fun being in a yahoo commercial. I’m ordinary enough, aren’t I?

(I’m still thinking if I should post)

Thirdly is responses to the comments. Boy are you guys on a roll. The days not over and I’m at 700 hits! LOL. We might actually see that counter get to 1000 if I decided to post one more, huh? (teasing you greatly)

Anonymous 1: I’m doing the happy dance too cause Latasha was getting on my last nerve. And you’re right, money don’t always make you happy, but it sure would get me a nice car, when I don’t have one at all. LOL (hint hint hint)

Anonymous 2: Speaking of bended knee, I’m gonna tell you a secret about me. Something i rarely tell people, but my ex-husband didn’t even get on his knee to ask me to marry him. Matter of fact, I’ve rarely had a man get on a knee for anything for me except once we were sneaking into the movies and me and this co-worker of mine had to get over a wall. He got on his knee and let me use his shoulders to climb on….I’m still thinking about one more installment.

Sweets: I couldn’t knock Lady Emma, but it was nice taking her down a peg or two.

Anonymous 3: Thank you for having this as one of the best stories you’ve read in a long time. Do yu read much though? LOL. Just kidding. You could be like Zane sitting there reading it so that would be some type of honor.

Anonymous 4: (read Anonymous 3 remark)

Tonya: Well they just might all get on the plane with me after you read Chapter 40, LOL. I’m going to take that compliment, praise and statement (snatching it from the air) and claim it. I like how you think. Alright how many of you are now calling every bookstore you know and demanding that they order Mistaken Identity so I can get on the Essence Best seller list. I figure if I got all the people reading this blog to get bookstores they know to order the books and then send fifty friends to the store to buy the book, I’ll most definitely be on the best sellers by the end of April.

Anonymous 5: This is the same person that almost just dropped her Blackberry in the toilet? How many stalls do you have at your work place? Are there any job openings there because I wanna work where you work! LOL.

This has been a pretty interesting day. Tonight I go to Farwell Middle School and meet with Parents who have been reading Stone’s Revenge. It’s going to be interesting to see what they thought of that story and they might be a little crazy about it too. Cause that was a rollercoaster ride too. LOL.

I’m nervous as hell. The bad news is that I can get there, but I might have to catch a cab or bus home from the school cause my brother can only drop me off, not take me home.

I’m still going and hopefully I can find a way to get home.

Okay… I’m still thinking if I should post or not, so let me hold off for a moment.

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