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Tanner’s Devil Part 37.1

Good Afternoon,
I’m going to try and post one more time today to finish off this chapter. I will try, LOL.

Umm, if anyone has any open issues with the story can you add to the post so I can make sure I’ve closed up all doors. I think I covered I have covered everything small (I’m not talking about the big issues – pregnancy, romance between devlin and tanner, and what’s going on with Pari.) I know I have to go back for a better description of Devlin and so forth, but I need to know any open story lines that I may have forgotten before I wrap it all up in about a couple more chapters.

If you’re interested in meeting Armando after this passage, you can download FREE (of course) Road to Freedom at:


Post deleted but kept for comments. To read book:
Tanner’s Devil Part 37.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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