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Tanner’s Devil Part 31.2

Okay, the coffee is almost kicking in and in Michigan it’s Paczki (pun-ski) day

I had one because they are just too darn sweet (and I love sweet, but this is really sweet).

Don’t like the jelly kind only the pudding kind.

Didn’t have lunch, so I’m not helping the sickness, but I went to get a Mountain Dew to alleviate the tension with the caffine and then I had a cup of hot glucose with a touch of coffee. LOL.

So now i’m posting the rest of 31 and working on getting the other chapter to you ASAP. Wanted to get as many as possible today to get on the roll.

Last night I was working out the ending and I don’t know how many of you will like it. i know some of you might get mad at me, but i almost couldn’t sleep because I was too excited over it.


Post deleted but kept for comments.

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