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Tanner’s Devil Part 20.1

Okay, I know this one is a long one, but some of you did complain that you wanted a little bit longer. Yes, I know chapter 19 was kinda short.

Maybe in the final I’ll divide up 20 and throw some of that in.

Maybe not.

Now you know – i must warn you before the death threats, incesssant cell phone calls of bodily harm in the middle of the night, and the knocking on my door or leaving messages at my relatives homes – that I know it’s FRIDAY and of course as with any good soap opear (visual or literary) that means it’s CLIFFHANGER time.

So this is the last post of the day.

Yes, it is Shai and don’t you dare call me and order me either, LOL.

I’m going to finish this baby up over the weekend though – that’s my goal at least.

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