Tanner’s Devil Part 15

Okay, so you guys know I have training tomorrow and I won’t be on, but I’ll be checking comments on the phone.
This is your Valentine’s Day gift from me to you. Hope it makes you wanna grab the first you see and wanna break him off a little something something – just kidding, LOL.
Thanks for your continued support and if you’re a reading lurker, I’d love to hear your comments. Even offline.
Things should start to pick up from here because you know how I am about the major love scenes. Once I get those out the way, I really start to throw the shit on the fire, which of course I am about to. It hit me this moment how I could mess y’all up so my brains like three chapters away and I’m no where near close to where I want to be.
So hold on to your panties – and boxers – although you might want to change them after this post, LMAO.
Have a happy Valentine’s Day.
Just in case you wanna know, Since I’m not attached at this moment I’ll be spending the day watching my current favorite movie: Shall We Dance? It stars Richard Gere and Susan Surandon and Jennifer Lopez. The only reason I stayed away from this movie was because of Lopez, but I love Richard and made myself watched it. I was in love with it and wish I could just tango with someone in the middle of my room, LOL.
So while I’m trying to figure out what to throw at Tanner and Devlin on Valentine’s Day, you guys enjoy yourself.
Don’t forget to comment and please let me know what you think I should do. Maybe I’ll incorporate some of your ideas.
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4 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 15

  1. Sylvia, I liked Shall We Dance. I like the part when Jen and Richard practice the tango. It was a HOT scene. I like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights too.

  2. Whew. Woo-o-o-o! GatDamn Sylvia. You got a sista wanting to go back to Mr. Butterscotch for a tune-up. LOL.

  3. The story is getting really hot , I keep wanting more.I wonder what will happy when Devlin’s brother meets Tanner will he go after her too?

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