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Tanner’s Devil Part 9.1

I’m on time – for once – and I’m so sorry about yesterday.

I hope I didn’t lose anyone, but I got mad writing time in – of course with lots of cramps in my writing hand.

I’m going to have to invest in a stress ball where I could just squeeze it or start using my left hand to write the story to give my right hand a rest.



“I’m a street doctor.”

“You deal drugs?”

Shaking her head, she said, “No. I fix people who can’t go to the hospital.”

“But that’s illegal.”

“So is soliciting a prostitute.”

It was Devlin’s turn to become amused. Her comeback had been filled with sarcasm. They held eye contact waiting for a concession and he could see that this woman was certainly going to bring something different to his life. “How long have you been a street doctor?” he asked.

“For as long as I can remember and it has been like that in my family for generations. And yes, I know it’s illegal, but I’m so close to getting my degree I can taste it. I scored almost perfect on my M-Cats and the money I earned…from mostly you, gave me enough to pay everything off.”

“And you’re still jeopardizing it all?”

“Jamroque needed me and it’s my fault he’s like this. I lied to my ex-pimp, Donetello, so I wouldn’t have to let him know I took the job and share the spoils. I paid Jamroque to tell him I sent another friend. My ex-pimp doesn’t take deception well and has hurt Jamroque because of

“Will he hurt you?”

“Most likely, if he can get his hands on me. Some severe beating just to get it out of his system. What I can’t figure out if Jamroque didn’t tell, how did Donetello know I came to you?”
The idea that she accepted “a beating” so easily horrified him. Devlin realized then it had been his fault her pimp had found out.

“Why would he want to share the spoils? I paid handsomely for you. Plus, if sharing the spoils is your only problem, I’ll give you the money you need to get you out of a beating.” The word left a bad taste in his mouth.

“That’s all find and good, Devlin.” Sarcasm dripped heavily off her voice. “And I’m happy you can waste your money like that, but Donetello doesn’t want me to pay him back in money.”
Devlin wasn’t an idiot and immediately understood the payment plan. The more he thought about it, Devlin started to feel a little guilty in this entire matter. Tanner’s deceit had been known to her pimp by Devlin’s greed to have her again. This explained the man’s uneasiness on the phone and why Devlin had to describe Tanner. The pimp really had never known Tanner came to the hotel.

“I should admit that it is my fault that your … pimp found out about you,” Devlin said and then explained what he had done.

Tanner flinched as he told her this because as he revealed what he had done, she understood why Donetello had shot Jamroque. Yes, he was passed pissed and if she faced her ex-pimp now, he would certainly lay hands on her. She needed to get away and give him time to cool off.
Couple of months most definitely would do, but the quandary she was in, was where could she go that Donetello didn’t know about and Pari couldn’t get in trouble for keeping it a secret.

“That still doesn’t explain why I needed to vacant the hotel’s premise,” Devlin pointed out.

“Because my ex-pimp is also my ex-boyfriend and he is jealous as hell. No ones ever asked for a repeat so soon.” She flushed. “Donetello must know I…” She bit her lip and covered her blush with her hands over her face embarrassed.

Devlin moved closer to her. “Knows you what?”

“He probably knows I put something on you and in turn really enjoyed myself,” she admitted.
A look of confusion marred his features. “Put something on me?” he asked, as if she had spoken another language.

“You know, rocked your world, but he didn’t know about you being a virgin.”

He chuckled at her colloquial speech. “Quite serious, I felt even if I was a seasoned expert at making love you still would have rocked my world.”

Tanner’s mouth drop wide open in shock at that most flattering admission. If she stayed around him long enough, she’d be changing her underwear every two hours from his outright honesty.

Gathering her wits and trying not to show the instant arousal she was experiencing, Tanner said,
“We have to get you out of Detroit. Or do you have somewhere else to stay here in town?”

“I could always find a place, but if you feel staying here would not be healthy, then we should plan to leave from the city together, don’t you think? That would be the last place any adversaries would suspect you to be.”

Tanner blinked her eyes and shook her head as if she had heard something totally preposterous. “Wait Devlin! We? Us? Unless you’ve talking some funny French, there is no we. I can’t just go with you.”

“I speak French and four other languages quite well and did not stutter.” He stepped back out of her arms reach. “My offer still stands, I want you to marry me.”

Tanner’s Devil Part 9.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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