Tanner’s Devil 7.2

“Anger. You wait so long for the greatest moment of your life and when you walk in on your bride and brother your perspective changes.” He stood up and found something to drink, but brought her a bottle of juice first as if he were her servant.

Not use to being offered something, she took it warily as if he were going to snatch it back at any moment and yell, “Syke!”

He continued to talk. “It was crazy to even go in there in the first place. I was nervous from the time I tried to go to bed the night before. Not about marriage… about the wedding night. I mean, all the books I had read wasn’t nothing like hands on experience, but I just wanted to see her and assure her that I could be the man she had always dreamed of and…” He faltered as he sat on the bed again next to Tanner, after drinking his bottle of juice. “I was going to tell her how happy she had made me by understanding everything and waiting.” A look of hurt crossed his handsome features.

“You weren’t angry, Devlin,” Tanner said, leaning close to him. “She broke your heart.”

The urge to caress his face was just too overwhelming. He didn’t draw away. His beautiful green eyes grew light in color and very serious as they beheld hers. He frowned, but she couldn’t tell what that meant. Maybe if she was around him more, she would…

‘What the hell are you thinking?!’ she screamed at herself. ‘Have you lost your mind?!’

Tanner drew her hand away, but he grabbed her wrist and put it back. She couldn’t help marveling at the contrast of her skin against his and how wonderful her palm felt pressed against his skin.

“Why me?” she asked in a breathless whisper. “Why now?”

He moved his hand to her cheek. “Easy. I’m a man who accepted his state in life with a mindset that I would lose my virginity one day to one woman.”
Tanner couldn’t begin to describe how even more aroused she became at hearing him say, “one women,” and she had been that one woman.

Devlin continued, “Once I had the woman in mind, I knew that this way of life that I had accepted would come to an end on a specific day and I patiently waited for that day – Thursday. And whether I was married or not I intended to grant relief to myself, but I had hoped it was with my wife to honor my grandfather’s accepted cultural tradition. I had hoped to allay her fears that I would not be man enough to give her unbelievable pleasure.”

Without hesitation, she assured him, “You did.”

The smile of satisfaction he graced her with made her heart skip doubly hard. He leaned in closer and kissed her neck, suckling the skin and moving down to the collarbone.

Her breathing had become shallow and Tanner closed her eyes, tilting her head over to the other side to give him more room. It felt like she couldn’t breath in enough air as his lips trailed back to her nape and she found herself amorous to wherever he wanted to take her.

Forcing her brain to think straight, she murmured, “There are million other women who would honored by a man like you.”

He quietly chuckled through brief kisses on her neck and face. “Honored? I’m sure you’ve experienced first times before with men.”

Flushing, she said, “But you’re different. They were all boys.”

His mouth dipped on the other side of her face and suckled an earlobe. The bottom row of his teeth brushed up behind her ears. Tanner was becoming very affected by the slow sweet caress of his mouth as he moved down to her shoulders and then moved over to again titillate the other side. His other hand moved down to unbuttoned her blouse and as he pushed her clothes off her body, his mouth followed everywhere.

Gently, he pressed her down on the bed and Tanner let him, feeling his tongue wrap around a peaked nipple. The dark brown nub screamed to feel the heat of his mouth and she looked down to see those beautiful lips of his slowly attack the aroused tip as if he had all day and then lavished the same wonderful attention to the other one.

‘What books had he read?’ she wondered, glorying in all the exquisiteness she was feeling as he moved even further down to her stomach and then-

Tanner sat up when she felt the buttons on her jeans open up.

“No!” she cried stopping him, by grabbing his wrist and cupping his chin to force him to look at her.

“What?” he asked innocently. By this time he had moved on his knees in front of her so he was right between her legs.

Shaking her head, she said, “We can’t. I don’t do that.”

“How much?”

Squirming away from him and getting off the bed, she found her blouse and put it on. She picked up her bra, which she didn’t even remember him fiddling with and shoving that in her back pocket of her jeans. What the hell was wrong with her? She had been with some attractive men, black and white, and none of them had made her lose her mind. What the hell was so damn special about him? It was crazy to even give in to this.

Get him out her system? Oh, hell no. Not if he could make her feel like she was dying and liked it. The man would have her letting him do anything and Tanner couldn’t lose her mind. Not like she had done with Dontello. Not ever again.

‘Focus! Focus!’

Getting away from him was her best bet. She just needed to get him out this hotel room before Donetello and his boys came rushing up in here.

Picking up her coat and hat from the chair she had tossed it on, she said, “It was crazy to come back here.” Yet this was said more to herself then him.

He looked over at the money on the table. “How much do you want?”

“I don’t want your money, Devlin,” she said annoyed and began to pace to calm herself down so she could think. She started to go to the door to check outside, but he must have taken this as an effort to leave. He moved with lightning fast skills in two strides, blocking the door.

“Marry me then,” he ordered.

Tanner hauled off and slapped him across the face. “Have you lost your mind?!” she screamed incredulously.

Tanner’s Devil 7.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Hurry up and give the fans some more! It’s absolutelty fanatstic and times tickinw away…. All i’m sayin is hurry the hell up, I’m tired of waiting.

  2. gurl u betta hope i getta big refund check cuz i’ma try my best to break u off!!! now gimme some mo!!!

  3. gurl u betta hope i getta big refund check cuz i’ma try my best to break u off!!! now gimme some mo!!!

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