Tanner’s Devil – Part 2

Remember people this is just a test.



“You orgasmed?” he asked a little apprehensive as if he couldn’t believe it himself.

She nodded shyly not use to being asked.

“Did you enjoy it?”

Tanner couldn’t help blush as the questioned seemed too innocent for a grown man to ask a woman – not just a woman, a prostitute in his book. This man was too strange and if he did that again, she would definitely forget what she was being paid to do and allow him to do anything he wanted.

Slowly, sitting up, Tanner reached over and gripped the base of his manhood. Her fingers were long and wrapped around him firmly, but her longest finger barely touched her thumb. He was erect, but not completely and a shiver went down her back at the thought of knowing he could actually get bigger. Good thing Jamroque had gotten magnum condoms.

For some reason, there was innocence about this John that endeared Tanner to take her time. Yes, he seemed about in his mid-thirties, but maybe this was his first time with a black woman and he was probably of the mindset that they should be treated differently than white women.
Or maybe he had not experienced many women, and was exploring a newfound freedom – sowing his oats.

Tanner wanted to give him a good foundation and instead of just trying to get his rocks off – as she would any other john, she took her time in fondling him, noting the almost baby soft hairs around his base, dark in color and neatly groomed.

He grabbed her hands abruptly and then lay back on the bed, pulling her up to his chest.

Realizing he wanted her to touch him just like he had touched her, this thought made her chest feel warm all over. Knowing he watched her closely unnerved her, but Tanner focused on how his body seemed almost perfect. It was as if he had honed it to be visually appealing and whoever had the honor of having this body would never want to look anywhere else. But he wasn’t married. There was no markings on his ring finger that would note he had taken a piece of jewelry that had been on there a while off.

There were a million questions she wanted to ask him as she moved down the sculptured pecks and the washboard abs, past his groin to his thick thighs and powerful legs, noting his clean and groomed feet.

As she began an upward path back up his magnanimous body, she took seconds kissing in odd places – on the sides of his calves, on his inner thighs, on his waist to the side, right above his pelvic bone, on the beginning of his rib cage, near his navel, between the tightly defined pecks and finally right on his collarbone.

By this time, his manhood was definitely at full attention and his breathing had become shallow. Occasionally, he would touch her body pleasantly enjoying the connection to her and what she was doing to him.

He reached up and cupped her cheeks to draw her down to his face, but she stopped him and shook her head.

“I know,” he said understanding. “No fluid exchange.”

She showed her relief and allowed him to draw her down, kiss her chin, cheek and neck. Fighting the urge to allow him to take over again, Tanner squirmed away and moved back down his chest. While at his feet, she had grabbed a condom off the bedside table and now, after opening it, carefully placed it over his manhood.

His staff was thick and responded so prevalently to her touch. Tanner laved her tongue at the base while fondling each handful size orb as she delicately put him in her mouth.

He gripped the covers as she descended down, lovingly suckling the shaft and then rising back up, circled the tip with her tongue, but quickly proceeded to bring him back to rest fully inside her mouth. His surprised reaction to the sensation of her oral touch amused her and s she proceeded to bring him deeper down her throat, his gasps turned into pleasurable groans of pleasure, with occasional pleas to not stop what she was doing to him.

Tanner was so caught up by his response to her oral ministrations that she had taken him almost to the point and then brought him down, to only return him almost over the edge.

By this time, he had cursed three times over and begged her to not stop. He had even spoken Spanish in his mind-blowing experience and Tanner found that curiously arousing.

Tanner knew if the protective condom had not been on, she was sure he would have lost himself to her and she could have asked for much more.

His manhood pulsed and straightened abruptly and then his warm essence flowed. The protection served its purpose, but Tanner was extremely curious as to how he tasted, yet she did not quell her inquisitiveness.

Instead, she carefully removed the protection and tossed it while he regained his equilibrium. Going into the bathroom, she prepared a warm washcloth and then returned to the bed.

He looked a bit apprehensive because her hands were clasped tightly around the washcloth, until he was sure what she was doing as she began to clean him.

Suddenly, a knock on the door startled them both. Her phone chirped and she knew who
it was, but being paid not to speak so she could not say anything, Tanner couldn’t tell this gorgeous ossified man anything.

Yet, he seemed to know and even gave her a moment to cover up before he got out the bed, grabbed his wallet and opened the door.

“Hey, Tanner, what the fuck is taking you so long? Hit it and quit it, bitch!” Jamroque poked his head in and was greeted by the large form of man, using the pants he had retrieved the wallet from to cover the front of him and handing Jamroque a couple of bills.

“Is Tanner okay?”

The man stepped to the side behind the door to allow Jamroque to see Tanner. She
nodded assuredly and winked.

Jamroque shrugged and left, most likely to return to his car. Tanner covered her mouth to suffice the giggle that wanted to burst forth from her amusement.

Usually she was done by now, but this was taking much longer than her normal time, yet Tanner, surprisingly, wasn’t complaining. By now, she would have either been bored to death or trying her best to get out the room as quick as possible.

The large bodied man returned to the bed, adjusted his hat as if to say, “round two,” and then yanked the covers away from her as if to cover her body was an abomination. She grabbed another condom and opened it up. Crawling over to him, he watched and allowed her to place a new condom on him. After she secured it, she laid down on her back and seductively smiled liking that he was still hard.

Slowly, he knelt down on the bed over her body and Tanner relaxed as she felt him position himself over her, but he did not drive into her like she expected. First, he actually checked to see if she was ready.

This was truly unusual and she had to force herself not to be touched by his consideration. Yet, her body still had an even more powerful response to his touch before he pressed himself inside of her.

Tanner gasped realizing looks could be deceiving or maybe she had not had a man in a while, but her body immediately had to shift some things around in order to compensate his width.

All this time, she was very aware that he was watching her very closely and ended up blushing yet again.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

She shook her head, wrapped her legs around his waist and arched her back. This time it was his turn to be watched as she opened herself up to make him drive deeper inside of her to the hilt. Tanner observed as he seemed overwhelmed at being inside of her and was very aware of her ability to use her inner muscles to massage him.

Perspiration appeared on his brow and he could barely keep eye contact, as his hips seem to develop a mind of its own.

They began a horizontal tango encompassing Tanner in a paradise beyond either of their control. His passion became her own and she found herself swept up in a blaze of ecstasy awakening her body into a powerful climatic flight. Her nails gripped his shoulders as her back arch more feeling his body quake above her.

He wasn’t done even as he orgasmed, but Tanner was glad he wasn’t and mildly wondered how his stamina was so high as he came a third time. She gently nudged on his shoulders after he collapsed on her and he assumed she wanted to stop, so he immediately got up despite the fact that he was still hard as a rock. He grabbed the washcloth and proceeded to the bathroom just as she had done earlier.

Tanner checked her phone surprised that two hours had gone by and wondered if Jamroque was still outside. Quickly after crawling over the bed to retrieve the money, she moved into a sitting position on the edge of the bed by the time he came out of the bathroom. He had removed the condom.

When he knelt in front of her, she let him gently spread her legs and tenderly wipe or more like caress her clean. She noted the soreness, but was honored that he took the time to do something like that.

‘Did that still make him a perve?’ She asked herself in curious amusement. There were just too many questions she wanted to ask him, but his money had paid for no talking and Tanner had always been a female that could listen and obey.

He was an extraordinary man. His body was certainly a gift by God and his stamina was one that any woman would adore. So why did he have to pay for sex? And why did he act like he was completely new to this? Certainly a man with his money and looks should have them throwing themselves at him.

She found herself aroused again, but this time urged him into lying down while she straddled his hips, gripping firmly after placing another condom on his manhood. Using her weight and her already aroused state, she slipped herself over him until her ass rested on his thighs. This effort took a lot of work, but it was as if the more she took him in, the more aroused she became. Tanner was in the throes of another orgasm by the time she finally rested on his waist.

Once she got her equilibrium together, she was determined to raise the bar and give him the best she could give. He was endeared to her as she took him to the pinnacle and held him there longer and longer until he was again enthralled and begging for release.

There was no doubt in her mind this man had received pleasure in her body. He bestowed wondrous kisses to her chest, neck and face in thankful desire and speaking again in that beautiful Spanish dialect.

Even though Tanner had not orgasmed with him physically, she had felt a mental connection as she watch him become consumed by the severity of sensations that seemed to overwhelm him. Tanner was almost inclined to lean down and place a kiss on his lips and feel his mouth touch hers.

He looked up at her as if that was what he wanted too, but instead Tanner moved away breaking the eye contact and grabbed the washcloth once again.

When she returned from the bathroom his eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply. ‘Another satisfied customer,’ she jested with herself. ‘Yep, you still got it, girl.’

Tanner still cleaned him taking her time and marveling at the beauty of his perfect manhood, which had now gone flaccid again. She even found a mole in the middle on the shaft and was almost inclined to kiss it, but resisted this urge. He did not wake up during this entire time and she dressed quickly.

His wallet had fallen on the floor by the bed and she was inclined to look in it, but she did not at first. Instead, she set it down on the table by the bed and retrieved her money and phone.

As she went over to the door and was about to leave out, curiosity got the best of her. Going over to the wallet she opened it up to note it was a New York State Driver’s License. Devlin Digori Aurello Sanchez. He was either a dark Hispanic or a Spaniard. The wallet contained about five thousand more dollars, but no credit cards. In the back of the identification, there were two keys. One was to a car and the other was to a house. Both of them were sophisticated enough to contain a chip in each, which further perked her curiosity because these keys had to belong to something very valuable.

Closing the wallet, she placed it back on the table, gave him one last wistful look and then left. She was desperate, but she was not a thief.

Tanner’s Devil Part 2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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