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Teach Me To Love – Epilogue

I’ve received lots of comments and wonderful suggestions about the book and this question was asked more than ever.

Current question on hand is also, whatever happened to Justing in the coma?

All the questions will be answered in the epilogue including Derrick’s personal vow to Rachel at the wedding ceremony and how there wasn’t one dry eye in the room when he was done. Including me! LOL.

So where is it you ask?

Hell, I gave you an 90,000 word novel for free that was pretty good. I think I can keep the epilogue in the edited and bound edition right?

So tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to come and buy the book and maybe I’ll make so much off of it, I’ll tour to your city on someone elses buget and give you a book for free personally. (wink wink).

And yes, our next story won’t start until after February. On Feb 15th to be exact!

I’ll be announcing our next contest soon though.

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