Teach Me To Love : Author Interuption


I know you guys were waiting for the ending of the book today. I really know you were running to work or getting up out of bed to get that final installment for today, and I’m so sorry to say, I don’t have it.

I know! I know! I know!

I was running late and I had just finished writing it Saturday night. I wanted to re-read it over Sunday night and fell asleep with the pages by my bed.

I woke up late and ran out the door and BAMN! forgot to put the book back in my carrier.

I got to work and said don’t worry bout it till 10 and you can just type it up and be done.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

So I’m going to ask all of you to wait til tomorrow for the conclusion.

Yes, you can be mad at me. I’ll fully understand!

4 thoughts on “Teach Me To Love : Author Interuption

  1. Oh Sylvia. What are we to do with you? Oh well, mistakes happen. You’re just lucky I started reading Stealing Innonence II so I’m already occupied.

  2. LOL. Naw, Sylvia. Not the Florida Evans 3 dams. LOL. No problem. Maybe your fingers deserve a break today.

  3. Yo PLAYA (Playette) where you been with the rest??? It’s Tuesday and I ain’t read nothing… you can’t do this to us!! I’m like a crackhead at this point – bring on the rest!

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