Teach Me To Love – Continued Jan 3rd

don’t you dare be mad at me and no dirty messages either or death threats.

you knew i was gonna end it on a high note, but at least i know you’ll be back.

Who’s the mystery woman?

No, it’s not Onyx Heart. I’m gonna put that guess right out of your head. But i will let you in on a secret…well maybe i shouldn’t…well maybe i should………. well no, let me let you guys just hang on til Tuesday.

Have a happy New Year. Thanks for all your support in 2005. I’m loving you so much for all your support.

Now tell fifty people about me and I’ll really be happy.

PS If you’re new to my writing and want to know about Onyx then read Stealing Innocence over the new year. (abridge version available free at: http://motownwriters.com/steal.html)

3 thoughts on “Teach Me To Love – Continued Jan 3rd

  1. u r a bad gurl sylvia. keepin me in suspense its to bad and i can threaten u but can u pls add a little chp to reduce d suspense its killin me.gud one dere

  2. Yes please do Sylvia. Just one more chapter. You left my heart racing at the end of that last chapter. I don’t think I can hold on til Tuesday. Great, great job.Marlena.

  3. Aaaaawwwww HEEEEELLLL to the NO!!! Wassup with the cliff hangers Sylvia?? I know who the lil crackhead is, creepin up on folks in church! It’s Eric Thompson (Road to Freedom) trying to get his cut of the loot by any means necessary…. jajajajajajaThanks for the reading – enjoy the holidays and of course…all good things,Tonya

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