Teach Me To Love – Author Interuption

As you can see I’m tying as fast as I possibly can come up with this stuff despite the fact that I’m constantly getting interupted by phone calls at my job.

Folks, this is as live as it comes and I’m just as interested in what’s going to happen myself.

I want to try to post before the end of the day, which ends at 3pm EST for me (early) because of the Internet Marketing class I’m teaching tonight.

If you still want to register for that, please give me a call. I’ve got five more pre- registered spots left.

After 3pm, I probably won’t be able to post till Tuesday of next week, but hopefully over the new year, I’ll get to the end before Tuesday.

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Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

SIDENOTE: Tonya Valdez, the husband ain’t dead yet. He’s just little to none in her life. Trust me, when I kill that SOB, we all gonna see that!

Okay, back to the story and I’m typing as fast as possible Marlena and no you cannot know what’s gonna happen before everyone else, but I sure do like the fact that you want to name your second child after me. LOL.