Teach Me To Love Chapter 21 Part 3

Okay folks, that will be it for today. I was trying to make up for the holiday and no posting, so I hope I have made up for that which I am still deeply sorry for it.
To Tonya Valdez (http://tonyavaldez.com/): You are the funniest. Your earlier comments about the rape scene almost made me stop the story, but i decide to pursue it. I’m very glad I did stick to it cause it was worth seeing that comment you left. I’m deeply honored you are getting a kick out of it. (it gets really good too). I’m so excited about the upcoming chapters.
I’m busily scripting the next chapters and I’m going to hand write tonight since I have no computer at home maybe the ending by tomorrow and I’ll just continue to post.
I want to try to finish this baby by the end of the year cause I really don’t want to change the copyright year and I need to hurry and get all the characters on page so I can get the next story up and running.
Yes, there will be characters from this story going into another story.
One character will be Melinda our nurse. She’s going to be in another one but I haven’t determined her Male hero yet.
Dr. Monica is definitely on my shyte list so I’m going to have to bring her up somewhere. its not that i dont’ like her, she’s just nosey and annoying as hell.
and then there’s the surprise character coming up….nope nope won’t tell won’t tell, you’ll just have to keep reading, but that one will definitely be in the Onyx Heart book cause I’m just feeling this one real good.
PS Onyx Heart book won’t be til after I finish up Stealing Innocence III – DON’T ASK WHEN THAT ONES DONE EITHER, lol. Lethal is a tough azzwipe to write about.
Okay, enough blabbing.
See y’all tomorrow.
Post deleted but kept for comments.

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