Teach Me To Love Chapter 21 Part 1

Originally when i had thought of this story, this was the chapter where I stopped at and I just couldn’t get the momentum going back no matter how I attacked the story.
For some reason, I got stuck at the part when Rachel was at the hospital. I’m like what the hell am I gonna do now. She done tried to kill herself. How low can it go and when does it ever get better for her?
She was fricking depressing me and it was so hard to just want to shuck the entire story and write something with a lot more happiness in it.
But then as I approached it one last time, I told myself hell Sylvia. This is life. Sometimes there are situations in life where you can’t solve and sometimes you really do have to wait until miracles can happen in life.
Because if it was meant to be, you’ll get what’s coming to you.
Rachel taught me a lot and I’m so glad I finally got what’s coming to her.
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Teach Me To Love Chapter 21 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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2 thoughts on “Teach Me To Love Chapter 21 Part 1

  1. Sylvia I ‘clare, I can’t stop reading this book! I’m mad at you!!! I swore I wasn’t reading anymore of this book after that rape scene, but I CAN’T put it down!!! (well, so to speak)… I haven’t read anyone better at weaving together a cliff-hanger so obviously my anxiety level is on high. What’s up with Rachel??? email me and tell me what’s going to happen PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!(tonya@tonyavaldez.com)All good things,Tonya

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