Teach Me To Love Chapter 19 Part 3

Post deleted but kept for comments.

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teach Me To Love Chapter 19 Part 3 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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9 thoughts on “Teach Me To Love Chapter 19 Part 3

  1. O-kaaaaaaaay,I was with you the entire time until the rape scene. Didn’t bother me that the hero in the book did drugs, didn’t even bother me that he kept going to jail…… but how is that a woman enjoys a rape??? Sorry Sylvia, but you lost me on that one…. seems like the realism just vanished in that scene and it felt like just a “love scene” I couldn’t connect with her on that one. All good things,Tonya

  2. Though I can see Tonya’s point about the rape issue (after all, ‘No’ means ‘No’), at some point in 19 part 3, Rachel seemed to switch out and issue her consent through her actions. Perhaps that is why ‘Derrick’ continued, because I just can’t see that brother (who claims to love her so much) subjecting Rachel to even more pain.Sylvia, that was a sticky scene, but I’m sure you’ll work out all the kinks along the way.

  3. Yes what is it gonna be ?? I can’t wait to see whats going to happen next. I’m been waiting all day more chapters!!

  4. I was very ready to stop the story after Tonya’s comments. I mean i didn’t want a bad vibe while i was writing.But, I’ll keep it going. I’m going to post before i leave today.Thanks for all your responses to this. Its helped a lot.

  5. Oh thanks Sylvia! And Please don’t stop the story, My friends & I from(Dallas,Tx) are loving the story & can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

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