Teach Me To Love Chapter 19 Part 2

Post deleted but kept for comments.

To read book:http://www.lulu.com/content/222948Sylvia Hubbard
Author of Stone’s Revenge just newly re-released @ http://lulu.com/StonesRevenge .

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3 thoughts on “Teach Me To Love Chapter 19 Part 2

  1. u sure do no how 2 make ppl miserable i mean i thought u wud atleast reveal d mysterious man, but i ve a feelin its derrick, dats great though i mean it increases my thirst to drink all d water from dis book. u get me.keep it upi no d juicy part is about to start

  2. ok let me say chp 19 pt 3 was so hot but not ur usual.gud though i still tink d mysterious stranger is derrick

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