Teach Me To Love – Chapter 19 Part 1

          The bump in the house didn’t awaken her immediately, but she wished it had as flashlights surrounded her out of nowhere. A harsh whispered order from an unknown man had her bound and gagged before she could fully away and put up a fight.
‘Please say this is a dream,’ she screamed in her head.
          Gasping as terror enveloped her, she was slung over a broad shoulder like sack of potatoes by some large man dressed in dark clothing and smelled as if he had spilled an entire bottle of cheap cologne on himself.
          “Get her purse!” the one carrying her ordered in thick voice, just as another piece of cloth was wrapped over her eyes and she was carried out of her home. The summer night air was chilly and Rachel wished she had put on some underwear and socks after her bath. Her kidnappers set her in a chair and she assumed it had to be either a van or very large SUV. She was driven for what seemed like a very long time. No one touched her and no one spoke in the van. The one that had carried her was somewhat nearby from the smell of him. When the vehicle stopped, she was picked up like before and carried easily up stairs and a door opened.
          After setting her down ever so gentle and making sure she could stand, footsteps retreated away from her, a door closed and the room was quiet. Still bound, she took off the blindfold and untied her ankles while looking around the room. It was a small room with only a black leather couch, windows covered with thick heavy black curtains and thick black carpet soft to touch and no doubt expensive. Pulling back the black curtains revealed a large piece of plywood over the window so she couldn’t look out. Removing the gag from her mouth, Rachel was startled by a groan coming from behind the couch.
          She warily stepped around to see Robert lying on the floor badly bruised and beaten. Kneeling down, she shook him and called his name.
          He mumbled, “Please don’t. No more.”
          When she shook him harder, he came awake scrambling away from her and begging for his life. But when he realized who she was, he shook off his fear and looked around the room warily.
          “Where are we?” she demanded to Robert.
          “How in the hell should I know?” he growled and tried the door, but realized it was locked. He smelled as if he hadn’t washed up in days and he still had the bracelet from the hospital on his arm. His clothes were torn and dried blood patches were here and there. The swelling in his face was here and there. Someone had beaten the cotton out of him and Rachel didn’t feel one ounce of pity, but she became a little fearful that she would get the same treatment.
          Robert turned to her when he had no success in trying to get the door opened. “Some men just ran up on me in this big truck and snatched me in, beat the shit out of me over and over again and dragged me here, then beat me up some more.” He touched his chest because something was hurting him internally. Looking her over skeptically, he asked worriedly, “What did they do to you?”
          “They broke in the house and kidnapped me.”  Her wrists were still bound and she held them out for Robert to undo them, but he didn’t.
          Instead, he went over to the window to see if he could get the plywood off. The wood had been placed up there securely. They were trapped in the room.
          Sarcastically, she said, “I take it you haven’t given that man his money?”
          Robert didn’t said answer, “Where are the children?” he demanded
          “That’s none of your business,” she sneered. “Do you have any of the money that you owe him?”
          “I told you no!” He was becoming angry by her tone of voice, but Rachel could really care less because she was just as mad and just as terrified for her life as he was.
          “Can’t you convince this guy that I’m not a part of this?” she pleaded, as she finally pulled the ropes off her wrists by using her teeth. “I’m not doing anything just to pay off your debt!”
          Robert swung his large thick arm at her, but being fat and Rachel being very upset and alert, she stumbled back before he could strike her, but she tripped over her purse that was on the floor. Falling, she hit her face and arm hard against the side of the chair’s corner before her body hit the floor.
          “You’ll do whatever the fuck he wants,” Robert threatened after delivering a hard kick to her stomach and then grabbed her by her shoulders, pulling her up on her feet. Shaking her violently, he ripped her nightgown. There was this wild desperation in his eyes. “He’ll kill us! He’ll kill the kids.”
          Rachel fought to get away from him, feeling the sting around the edges of her eye, knowing that was swelling up. Robert released her and she fell to the ground still feeling dizzy from being shaken so hard. He moved over her body and held her down with his weight. She couldn’t budge him off her no matter how hard she fought.
          Pinning she shoulders down with one arm and getting her hands under his thick legs, he ordered, “Say it, Rachel. Say you’ll do it!”
          “No!” she screamed.
          The sting of the back of his hand almost knocked her unconscious, but she fought to stay alert despite the room spinning and her body dying to shut down. She couldn’t breath with all his weight on her chest and the musty sweaty smell of his was making her nauseous.
          “Say it Rachel! Or I’ll beat it out of you”

          She knew he would and she knew he would kill her if she still continued to fight. Tears welled up in her eyes as she hissed her acquiesce. “Yes!” she wretched. “Yes!”

teach me to love Chapter 19 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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