Teach Me To Love – Chapter 18 Part 3

The next morning, Tonya convinced her to go to the house and pick up the mail to see if the insurance company sent anything – especially a nice check. Rachel felt this was probably a good idea and she would clean up while she was there.
Jessica was very comfortable with Tonya and Rachel didn’t have to worry about her daughter. Jessica still took pain medicine, but only as needed and she had ventured to try using the crutches around a small area in Tonya’s apartment to get up her arm strength. Despite her injury, she also tried to draw and paint, which relaxed her. Tonya helped Jessica with the work needed for Jessica to pas her current grade. The school was going to give Jessica until the end of summer to take a test that would determine if she passed or not.
Rachel’s apartment was still secured and the tenants who lived in the other flats had kindly slipped rent envelopes under Rachel’s door. Buying the four- family flat had been about the only good investment she had really made in her life and although their living space was small, she felt that she could afford the simplicities in order to maintain the property. With the stash she had saved from living in Canada, she was able to pay a lot of the debt she had left down in Davenport to give herself good credit. Doing that had allowed her to buy the home and she was so proud of herself that she had made the repairs and upkeep of the home all by herself. Robert hadn’t helped one bit and with one dime.
By mid-afternoon, she had finished cleaning up the mess Robert had made on his last day there and she put a lot of this things out by the curb. If he were watching, he would come by and pick it up. Otherwise it would be a free for all for the neighborhood. At this point, she didn’t really care. Of course during her clean up she looked for anything that could give her a clue as to where Robert could have put any money or any business dealings that Robert was doing which could give her leverage with Carne Smith.
So very pissed at Robert at this point, she would gladly give him up to the sadistic street thug.
Rachel called the hospital around eight to check on Justin, but there was no change in his condition. Tonya called shortly afterwards because Jessica was getting ready to go to sleep. Rachel wished her daughter a very goodnight and then spoke back to Tonya.
“How’s she doing?” Rachel asked Tonya.
“She’s good. She’s strong just like her mother.”
Teasingly, she threatened, “Shut up or I’ll start that stupid crying again. I’ll be leaving here shortly. I hadn’t realized how late it had gotten until you called.”
Tonya quickly said, “No, Rachel. It’s going to be too dark. Do you really think it’s safe to be out at night? At least there, you’ll be secure.”
Rachel agreed, but she didn’t’ feel comfortable staying there – alone, yet she pushed away her fears. “Fine, I’ll see you early in the morning. We can take Jessica and visit Justin together.”
Tonya wished Rachel a sleepy goodnight. Gathering a clean nightgown and towel, she headed for the bathroom too exhausted and stressed to eat anything. As she undressed in front of the mirror, she took notice of how her body had changed over the yeas. She had gotten down to a nice size twelve, although her hips seemed to stay full, but with a lot of hard work and exercise she had gotten her stomach to it’s original flatness. It wasn’t as toned like in college, but the stretch marks had long disappeared although there were silvery lines right across the top of her womanhood that led around to her thick toned derriere.
Taking a long hot bath, Rachel noticed the magazine she had left in the bathroom torn up in the garbage. Leaning over the tub, she reached over and took the cover page out. Only the top of his eyes was showing on the torn page, but that was enough. Griping the paper to her chest she closed her eyes and cried weeping mournfully.
Teach Me To Love – Chapter 18 Part 3 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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