Teach Me To Love Chapter 18 Part 1

          Rachel didn’t know how she made it through finals that night with so much on her mind, but the professor looked at her positively as she was leaving the room. Rachel knew that she had done well with the other assignments and she just needed the final in order to make her grades look well. Robert hadn’t come home that night and Rachel waited until after midnight to pack her car up with three emergency bags for her and the kids. If worst came to worst, she wanted to be able to leave on a moments notice without him.
          Giving a lot of thought to everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours, Rachel came to the conclusion that despite everything and the fear she felt with Robert, she had a greater fear of Carne Smith. She knew that the lives of her children were at stake. If she had to run for the rest of her life for her children, then she would.
          The next day, Tonya came to Rachel’s classroom right after lunch with a frantic expression on her face and a substitute teacher in tow. The substitute immediately took over the class as Tony led Rachel out into the hallway to speak in private.
          “Robert just came here,” Tonya announced.
          “Why?” Rachel asked worriedly.
          “He took the kids out of their class. I wouldn’t even have recognized him if I hadn’t saw the kids come into the office, but I was so busy I didn’t hear who he requested. There’s a new girl working in the office so she didn’t know that they’re your kids.” Tonya handed Rachel the keys to her car. “I followed him out to the parking lot and watched him take your car. Take mine and call me later, okay?”
          Rachel got her purse after snatching the keys from Tonya. Hopefully, Robert didn’t notice that the kids bags were already packed and had went to the house to pack them already. She drove a breakneck speed to her home; only to find that the door was left unlocked and Robert had ransacked the place taking everything that was of value to them. She went to her room and looked through her items Robert had gotten to her jewelry box and taken her bracelet and pendant.
          He had even taken the wedding ring she had stopped wearing that couldn’t have been worth more than twenty bucks. Falling on the bed, she screamed in agony.
          The phone rung and she ran over to pick it up. “Robert?! Is that you?” she asked desperately.
          “Is this Mrs. Rachel Herlong?” a soft feminine voice asked.
          “Yes, who is this?” Rachel demanded.
          “My name’s Melinda and I work in the emergency room at Henry Ford Hospital. Your children were in a very bad accident and were just admitted-“
          Rachel dropped the phone, grabbed her purse, and ran out the door.
What had Robert done?! What had Robert done?!
He must have been trying to flee town and in his haste he had an accident, hurting the children. Or Carne was making sure that no one left town alive.
Teach Me To Love Chapter 18 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard
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