Teach Me To Love Chapter 17 Part 3

          Derrick couldn’t believe what fate had dealt him. In a controlled voice, he said, “Wouldn’t I be implicated in your dealings, Carne?” In no way did he want his stepbrother to know how magnanimous this opportunity was to him. Carne would just love to find a way to get Derrick under his thumb.
          Carne took a moment and seriously looked at Derrick. “Don’t want the feds taking away your father’s precious company?” He put on some weird horrible British accent. “Daddy wouldn’t be proud anymore, would he?”
          “Let’s be honest Carne, every time I’m involved with your shit, I end up with bars up my ass and too much damn time on my fucking hands,” he sneered.
          “So my offer to assist my business hasn’t been accepted, Derrick?” Carne asked as the Escalade stopped in front of a house that was five houses away from where the hatchback was parking.
          Derrick took a moment to watch as the woman got out the vehicle with her children, who were busily chatting with each other. She looked in the direction of the Escalade warily before going in the house with her children following her. “It wasn’t even put on the table, if you want to be honest,” Derrick said responding to Carne’s suggestion.    
          “Even if you use your Canadian operation. All you have to do is allow me to buy some items at a higher price than other companies. I’ll get the shit and give it away like candy in my clubs, but of course you’ll give me a return on the money by giving me a consulting fee. It’s easy shit, Derrick.”
          Derrick shook his head. “It’ll never work and my old man would break his foot off in my ass if he knew I was even here talking with you.”
          “Damn Derrick, you act like a bitch. You’re five times bigger than your old man. You’re making that fucker rich as hell. He shouldn’t say a damn thing about what the fuck you’re doing.” Carne calmed down a bit. “Plus, you forgot that you would still have bars up your ass if it hadn’t been for me.” Leaning over to Derrick, he spoke in a low voice. “Bet your mother would be alive today if yu hadn’t decided to take the matter in your own hands, would she?”
          “Bristling in anger, Derrick found himself digging his nails into his thigh in order not to raise them and warp his fingers around Carne’s thick neck.
          His stepbrother didn’t pressure him to respond. “Think about it, Derrick. I’ll give you a good month,” Carne said, patting Derrick’s shoulder as if they were the best of friends. “Enough of business, brother, what about the girl? I ain’t really got the heart to send her on the street ‘cause she’s so fucking innocent, but my fucking rep’s on the line, D, and I want the son of a bitch to pay.”
          “I didn’t know you had a heart to begin with, Carne,” Derrick sneered, staring at the four family flat he saw the woman go into and rubbed his chin in deep thought as if he were making a major decision. “If I do this shit, it’ll be on the low.”
          “Definitely, Mister Cover of Crain’s Business Magazine. Most definitely,” Carne promised.
Teach Me To Love Chapter 17 Part 3 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard
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