Teach Me To Love Chapter 17 Part 2

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Looking back at the woman he could feel his heartbeat increase as every step she took came closer to the Escalade.
          She stopped at a red beat up hatchback ’71 Toyota and put her packages and kids in the car. Coming around the vehicle slowly, she stopped near the back and looked directly at Derrick narrowing her eyes suspiciously as if she knew he was looking at her.
          He put the binoculars down quickly, rubbing his eyes when she broke eye contact and got into her car driving away. “She knows you’re following her?” Derrick questioned Carne as the Escalade began to follow the hatchback at a five-car distance. Keeping nonchalance in his tone was very difficult, but he knew he had to stay on top of this matter if it had to do anything with Carne despite the fact that Derrick didn’t want to get involved in any of Carne’s shit.
          She wasn’t tying to avoid them, but Derrick knew she was very aware Carne was stalking her.
          Carne shrugged indifferently at Derrick’s questions. “Most likely. She looks like the sweet and innocent, but I think this bitch has something up her sleeve. She’s more intelligent than she appears and she’s going to try to do anything to get out of this mess her husband’s got her involved in.”
          Trying to keep the upset out of his voice, Derrick asked, “Do you know who she is? Or anything about her?”
          “Only that she’s married to a gambling thieving drug addicted prick that owes me eighty grand. I saw her briefly a while back when she first had babies, but I don’t think she noticed or remembered me cause I was younger looking then, when they lived in Davenport.” Carne took the binoculars to watch the woman. “They got one more day to give me my shit with interest.” He ordered his driver to keep a good distance. “Her husband’s been my lab rat for a while, but I got some clues that he was stealing shit. He’s so stupid not to think that I wouldn’t be watching his ass ‘cause he stole some shit from someone else to help me get my shit together. You think I’m just gonna easily trust his ass? Hell naw!” He chortled to himself. “His own buddy told me that he was stealing shit, although I already knew, and I even recorded conversations with this son of a bitch saying that I won’t do shit when I find out.” Carne snorted incredulously. “He don’t know who the fuck he’s dealing with, fucking college drop out. I’ll slit his throat, rape that bitch of his, and break his kids’ neck, if he tries to fuck with me on this shit.”
          Derrick clenched his fist and gritted his teeth forcing himself to not break Carne’s nose. Over the years, Derrick had grown to an impressive six foot five feet in height and kept his normal weight under two-fifty although when he had played football he allowed his weight to get up to three hundred. Being in jail, he found too much time on his hands to pump up his chest, arms and legs so most of his clothes had to be custom made because he was nothing but brawn. Keeping in peak physical condition over the years, after college was easy because it prevented him from getting so stressed. “What about her husband? Didn’t he object that you would have to use her to get your money back?”
          “Hell naw. That’s his only collateral about now. He’s so deep in debt with loan sharks around town he ain’t ever gonna pay it all back. If I didn’t get to her then those sharks damn well would have had her and her kids walking the street.” When I told his wife what I was going to do, you know that bastard didn’t say one fucking word. Bobby ain’t nothing but a weak ass bastard and he needs to crawl back under whatever fucking rock he crawled from.”
          “So why isn’t he the one you’re watching since he doesn’t give a shit what happens to his wife? He could skip out and leave the debt on her shoulders,” Derrick said.
          “Number one because he left late last night after I told them I wanted my money and he’s been getting high in Cass Corridor and gambling the last of what he was supposed to pay back over at Greektown like he don’t have a damn care in the world. And number two that bastard, in his own sick way needs this bitch. Plus those kids mean the world to his ass even though he don’t take care of the bastards.” Cane snickered cruelly. “She got spunk, Derrick, and there’s just something about her that makes me…” For and instant, Carne was struck speechless. “…You know when you try to come up with one word to describe someone? When I saw her last night, I thought of the word brilliant. It was like there was this thing that I couldn’t put my finger on and I wanted to…” Again was lost for words and shrugged it off. “I can’t explain it.” He nudged Derrick’s thigh. “Maybe I’ve give her to you instead of using her on the streets. I’m positive her pussy can get all that Canadian softness out your ass. You want her?”
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