Teach Me To Love Chapter 17 Part 1

Yes, we are on a roll and I’m smoking (sizzling sound in the background). I did a word count and I realized I typed 45,000 words in 30 days. WOW! That’s just too much. LOL.
So the story is going good? Why thank you . (happy you’re enjoying yourself)
Now comes the bad news. I’ll only be posting one more part to Chapter 17 after this one. (i know i know. please don’t curse me out.)
So Enjoy and I should be back in about an hour to post the last part.
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          As soon as she got in her car the next morning, she saw a strange maroon Cadillac that was tinted from the passenger side to the back following her all the way to school. So consumed with the deadline to pay Carne, Rachel’s attention span at her job withered as the day progressed. While she taught that day, she happened to look out the window to see that the Escalade was parked right below her classroom window on the street.
          Tonya came up to her room on Rachel’s break to catch her still staring out the window.
          “What are you looking at?” Tonya asked, coming beside her.
          “That Cadillac. It’s been there all day,” she said.
          Tonya looked at the vehicle and frowned. “That’s a pretty rich car. It’s detailed and everything. Whoever owns that baby has some money. Why is it following you?”
          Defensively, Rachel said, “I never said it was following me.”
          “I’m making assumptions,” Tonya corrected. “But from the sound of your voice, you sound very guilty about it. What’s going on, Rachel?”
          Rachel moved away from the window nervously. “Nothing,” she lied, but Tonya knew her too well and Rachel was never a great liar to people she was close to.
          “What is it, Rachel? And what’s going on? You look tore up from the floor up, child.”
          Grabbing some Kleenex, she cried, “Robert stole some money from some guy named Carne Smith. Eighty-thousand dollars and there’s no way I can repay it.”
          “Did you say Carne Smith?” Tonya asked her voice filled with dread.
          After blowing her nose, Rachel asked, “You know him?”
          “Who doesn’t? If you out in the party life of Detroit, you know about Carne and his operations. He runs a couple of Ghetto Tech clubs in Detroit for black and Hispanics, but that’s not where he gets his bankroll. He sells drugs – from Ecstasy to Cocaine, Carne gets it, ships it all over, and brings in big bucks. He took over the last operations a couple of years ago from some street guy called Fats, who suddenly disappeared. Now Carne runs the show and he does it very well. The police can’t get nothing on him.”
          “How do you know so much?” Rachel questioned suspiciously.
          Tonya answered matter-of-factly, “I party a lot with a crowd that visits his clubs. They trip sometimes although that’s not my bag and I don’t do it, but these people are cool. I pick up on things they say and I’ve seen him in and out of the party scene I visit. People talk and gossip and if you listen long enough you’ll find out about a lot of things. What will happen if Robert doesn’t pay? Is Carne going to hurt you?”
          Rachel didn’t want to divulge that information. She didn’t want Tonya to know the ultimatum that was going to be forced upon her. “I don’t know,” she said going back to the window. “Maybe I should just call the police.”
          Shaking her head quickly, Tonya said, “You definitely don’t want to do that, Rachel. Payback’s a bitch and even if Carne were in jail, I have a feeling no cop out there could protect you and your children’s lives, which Carne would take for reporting him. He may look small time, but he’s got connections. Those that are in debt with him would easily take a life than to owe Carne Smith. Calling the police would be a bad idea. Don’t involve them.”
          This made her feel even worse and it took every effort not to start crying again.
          Tonya hugged her for comfort from behind. “Rachel, I wish there was something I can do, but I can barely pay my bills let alone help out someone else.”
          “I wouldn’t ask that of you, Tonya,” Rachel said proudly. “I wouldn’t ask that of my friend.”
* * *
          A very expensive detailed black Cadillac CTS with tinted windows picked up Derrick a little bit after three o’clock in the afternoon.
          Carne had gotten adventurous and called Beverly up at her own home and told her to make sure that Derrick got his message. This had pissed Derrick off to no end because even he didn’t just have Beverly’s home number handy, so how the fuck had Carne found it out.
          After ripping Carne’s eardrum off on a pay as you go phone, Derrick agreed to meet Carne just to meet face to face.
He was taken to the back of a large chain grocery store parking lot on the far west of Detroit near M-10 Highway where a maroon Escalade decadently macked out was parked. The CTS drove up next to the Escalade and the driver’s phone rung.
          “Get in the other car,” the driver ordered.
          Derrick got out the black vehicle quickly and sat in the back of the maroon Escalade next to Carne who was turned slightly to look at the entrance of the grocery store with binoculars on his eyes.
          “Are you spying on someone?” Derrick asked, feeling very uncomfortable.
          Carne continued to look through the binoculars. “I couldn’t meet you at the club like I had planned. Something came up. I hope you don’t mind if we talk business here.”
          “I’ve talked business in more unusual places. Whom are you spying on?” Derrick inquired curiously, trying to see the exit with his bare eyes.
          Smiling wickedly, sticking a piece of licorice in his mouth and handing the binoculars to Derrick, he said, “I got some trick trying to actually think about paying me back.” He said this as if it were an insult and anyone should be honored to be indebt with Carne. “She ain’t got shit to wipe her ass with and she’s sweet as a Georgia peach. She’ll make mad money for me out on the streets.”
          Derrick peered through the binoculars at the exit. “What am I looking for?”
          “She’s wearing a fucked up green sweater and her hair is pulled back so tight it looks like she can’t close her eyes. Young woman, but you’ll see she’s definitely out of her element once you lay eyes on her. Bitch should be in a convent praying a million Hail Mary’s.”
          Patiently Derrick waited and when he caught sight of a woman with two children in tow wearing a worn out green sweater he leaned forward and focused in. He took the binoculars away from his eyes for a moment once he spotted her to make sure his brain wasn’t messing with his eyes.
Teach Me To Love – Chapter 17 Part 1
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