Teach Me To Love Chapter 15 Part 1

Seven Years Later
Derrick’s father convinced him to stay in Canada after his parole was over when he turned twenty-one. Even though he was on parole, he was allowed a lot of freedoms on the conditions that he didn’t fuck up – again. How his father had managed that, Derrick didn’t care. He had gotten another chance and he wasn’t going to do anything to fuck that chance up, especially since he knew he’d never see Rachel again. After parole, which was short and sweet, he worked to earn his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and he played in the European Football League. After he graduated early, he started working for his father.
Jerald was honored that Derrick wanted to run the business and after a year, Derrick had the profits up by fifty percent and started to expand in the discount store business around Canada, but soon moved to the US with Detroit, Michigan being their port way. Derrick had pointed the company to reach the hundred million dollar mark in les than two years and his father couldn’t be happier.
When Derrick received word that Carne wanted to speak with him, he decided to take his time in responding back to his stepbrother. Last time he had been around Carne he ended up in jail again, but Derrick refused to harp on that. He knew that one didn’t allow anything to happen to them and he had been asking for it by smoking that drugged joint.
“Why do you feel you have to move to the states in order to run the business over there?” Jerald asked. “Why don’t you let me?”
Derrick stood his head and zipped up the suitcase. “Because you don’t know the states like I know the states and I’ve gotten a great relationship with the mayor. He really wants our offices in Downtown Detroit. I want to scope out some locations and I should be back within a month.”
          “Gabrielle’s going to miss you,” Jerald said.
          Derrick shrugged, “She’ll go buy something until I get back and then we can sit down and make plans for marriage.”
          “So you still plan on marrying her?” Jerald asked excitedly.
          “Yes, sir, those are my intentions.” He called the car around and walked up to his father. “Don’t worry about me, Pop. Things are going to go perfect like they’ve always done and I’ll be back by Cinco De Mayo and we can go down to the Keys to celebrate in the street like we always do.”
          Jerald only nodded and watched his son leave. Derrick took the car to the airport and flew in to Detroit City Airport on a private plane in less than an hour from Toronto, Canada.
          He took another car straight to his temporary Detroit offices in the Fisher Building and made several calls to notify the people he needed to notify that he was in town. His temporary secretary came in looking perfect. Sine hiring Beverly Keith, he never saw one hair out of place and the make up was always perfect. Never faded or nerve there. He wondered if she slept in the make up.
          “A young lady called her asking for you. She said you knew her from high school” Beverly said, placing all his morning phone calls in front of him.
          His immediate thought was Rachel Herlong, but was surprised to see Tonya Butcher on the message.
          “Put that in my palm so I can call her later,” he ordered Beverly.
          She nodded and gave him a strange look from her exotic lavender eyes that contrasted with her light almond skin. Her eyes reminded him of the actress, Elizabeth Taylor, but Beverly was black and could be no relationship to the actress.
          “What’s that for?” he asked noting her strange look.
          Beverly was never one to hold her tongue and always spoke her mind. “You tell me to make sure you avoid your brother like the plague, but you immediately put some woman’s phone number in your most personal technical device.”
          “Are you trying to understand me, Beverly?” he questioned doing his best annoyed frown at her.
          She huffed and walked out the office leaving him mildly amused.
          Derrick sat back and thought about the past. He had tried not to do it as often as he used to when he was locked away, but with Tonya calling he had to wonder why she had looked him up. Maybe because he was moving to Detroit? The phone number she left was in the three-one-three area code, so it meant she stayed somewhere in the Metro Detroit area.
          Reaching in his wallet, he pulled out a picture of twins with the widest brown eyes smiling up at him. They looked just like their mother…
          Beverly buzzed in interrupting his thoughts.
          “Crain’s Business Magazine reporter, Ernshaw Walker, is here for your two o’clock,” Beverly said politely.
          “Send him in,” Derrick ordered.
          Ernshaw came in resembling Shaft. After shaking hands, the reporter took a seat in front of Derrick’s large desk and began the interview. The reporter asked the same business questions the Free Press and Detroit News had asked of him earlier in the week. Derrick had become a hot bachelor business commodity for the city of Detroit once it was known the James Enterprise wanted to come and set up shop in the city. The current mayor was all for getting business to come to the city despite the plague of crimes and murders Detroit was known for.
          “Can I ask some questions about your personal life?” Ernshaw asked.
          “Sure,” Derrick said.
          “The number of palimony suits against you in the past two years have started to dwindle. Can you explain this?”
          It was an odd question for a “business reporter” to ask and had caught Derrick completely off guard, but the shock didn’t resonate on his face at all. Trying to remain in control, Derrick replied, “I like to quote my father by saying shit always floats to the top, Mr. Walker. What you keep in the dark will eventually be revealed. I on the other hand have nothing to hide from the public in business or personal. I never father any of those children and it was revealed that the mother’s liked.”
          “Do you still have intentions on marrying?”
          “In the future. My father says I need some settling, while I’m still ripe.”
          Do you think it will be soon? And is there a woman out there for you?”
          Familiar words crossed his mind. “There’s a woman out there for me and fate will lead me to be her husband.”
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