Teach Me To Love – Author Interuption

Okay, its that time again! Comments people.

I’m eagerly wondering what you all are saying Sans one who left a comment in chapter 15 Part 2 (thank you very much Kassey – like that name!)

I know I’ve turned the tables on you and you’re just wondering what my crazy mind is up to.

I’m working really hard on getting the chapters to you faster cause the story’s got a twist now and you know once I put in the twist all hell is gonna hit the fan. Ha ha. (cracking myself up at how wicked i’m going to be able to become.)

I’ve got options with this situation. Lots and lots of options and i know I’m gonna make y’all mad. Real mad but when don’t i?

So tell me what’cha think and as always, if you like what’s going on, tell a friend or buy a book or hey, DO BOTH!!! cause the car fund still needs some funds and I defintely need a new computer at home because the last one BLEW UP!! (That’s why you’ve been getting your chapters so slow.)

Love that you guys are coming back and reading it, now help a sistah out before I get really vicious and just don’t post…

Welll that’s kind of extreme, but i’d appreciate anything you can do to help me!

Till tomorrow and Enjoy!!!

Your author

One thought on “Teach Me To Love – Author Interuption

  1. ok dis has really got a twist now u got sometin cookin gurl keep it upi luv d suspense i wish i cud just read d whole novel once and finish it but dats wat makes it interestingluv to read morecant wait for derrick and racheal 2 meet.

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