Teach Me To Love (Reader ???/Author Interuption)

This was sent by a reader regarding the story and I thought I should reply to everyone since there were other comments sent to me:

READER wrote:
         Greetings to you from me. Thanks for sending me the chapters directly .I am seriously following this story. But to be frank with you l am not happy with this latest chapter giving a side of Derrick that suggest to me that he is not a stable person if he can succumb to taking a sniff at that thing prepared by Carne.
         I thought Rachel should find joy in Derrick in the long run and not a case of jumping from fryng pan to fire as we in Nigeria refer to situaton that is worse instead of better Any way the story is still unfolding. l say this because Carne is not a good influence on Derrick and one of the problem with Robert is that he misuses drug. 
        Chapter 13 part 2 was very touching. l felt like crying when Rachel was begging Derrick to release her and that great kiss scene is beautiful though you have been very modest about the romantic scenes in this book. Is it because the main actor Derrick is young or you do not want to offend some reader’s sensibility?. Stay blessed . Hoping to get your reply soon though l appreciate the fact that you have a very tight schedule
I’m sorry you’re not happy, but as always, I put a sense of realism in the story. Given the situation myself as a mother and needing my job, I would have to make a choice between what my heart wants or what my responsibilites are. I would have to sacrifice my heart because I needed the job. On top of that, Rachel is a person who has had no one in her life, until Robert, so just because she knows she doesn’t love him, she still has a bond with this man no matter how bad he treats her or what he does.  She’s had nothing else – of course until Derrick.
I think I offended the reader’s sensibility a long time ago when i did Dark Facade and even at the beginning of this book, people were saying they were going to read it because of the subject.
But you forget I always have something up my sleeve and things are certainly going to be different.
If I worried every time I started a story I offended someone, then you’d all be pretty bored wouldn’t you, LOL.
Is Derrick a stable person?  Number one, he’s young although he’s mature for his age, you still have to remember a lot of things are done under peer pressure and stress when you’re a teenager and true he should be smarter than that, look at what’s going on in his life.
Things are never what they seem and true the “romantics” are less than what I usually give you, but keep riding the freeway, the signs are about to change.
Have a wonderful day, stay warm (if you’re in a hot zone, stay cool) and drink a cup of hot chocolate for me, cause am craving some right now and I can’t get any.
Sylvia Hubbard
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