Teach Me To Love – Chapter 13 Part 4

Short and sweet!
That what this is.
Originally when I ended this chapter in my head, I ended it with the last part, but i was really bothered at what were Rachel’s viewpoints when she got to the train.
So I am adding a part to this.
          Getting to the train station, she was consumed with saying good-bye to tearful Mrs. White and then getting the excited twins to settle down as the train started up. Robert had arranged for a friend of his to drive the car up to Canada, while they rode the train. Rachel was apprehensive about turning her car over to one of his friends, but her husband looked as if he was going to pop her in the mouth in public if she dared disobeyed him or questioned him.
Sitting in coach, Rachel had to hide the wrenching of her own heart as it started away from the city of Davenport.
          “Keep them brats quiet, Rachel, and I don’t want to hear your fucking mouth asking me silly ass questions as to why we left,” Robert growled under his breath, before laying back in his chair and promptly going to sleep.
          Rachel looked away from the window not wanting to know if Derrick had come to the train station or not. Leave it, girl. Leave it all behind. This is just another opportunity in life for you to become stronger. You can do this.
          As positive as her words sounded, she didn’t believe one word.
          She could feel herself dying inside as the train moved further and further away from Davenport and she knew she would never be this alive ever again.
Teach Me To Love  Chapter 13 Part 4 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard
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