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Teach Me To Love – Chapter 13 Part 3

          Carne stood next to him and whatever he was saying to Derrick was lost because Derrick was not listening to it.
          “Who was she?” Carne asked.
          “Someone special,” Derrick said.
          “You know, bitches are bitches.”
          So angry, Derrick hauled off and punched Carne in the mouth. “Don’t’ you ever call her that again!” he seethed.
          Carne looked up from the ground where he had fallen shocked. “Fine man. That’s all you had to fucking say. You didn’t have to hit me like that.”
          Derrick swore vehemently under his breath. He couldn’t deal with this shit right now. Not when his emotions were going crazy. Not when he wanted to hop that train with her and leave this place to be with her.
          “She broke your heart, man?” Carne asked.
          “Let’s just say she meant a lot to me, Carne.” Derrick went into the house and straight up to his room with Carne behind him.
          “And you just going to let her go like that?”
          “I have no choice, Carne.” Frustrated, he pounded his fist in the nearest wall and slumped on the bed staring at the crack on the wall he had just made from the impact. “I have a strange feeling I won’t be seeing her again.”
          Carne reached in his breast pocket and pulled out a joint. “Let this ease your pain, man. This is going to take all that pain away.”
          Derrick had never tried drugs in his life, but the pain was so deep in his soul, he was willing to do anything just to not feel so horrible wretched. “What is it?” he asked. “I know it’s not just the leaves in there, knowing you.”
          His stepbrother smiled wickedly. “I put something in there to spice it up that will make you feel read good.”
          Getting a lighter out his pocket, Derrick took the joint and lit it, taking a long drag and feeling good all over as he held it inside. He gagged a little and had to blow it out quickly before he choked, but that didn’t stop him from taking another drag on the joint. He let his mind drift off to erotic pleasure of dreams with Rachel. He knew this would be the only way to be with Rachel. The only way…
          As his high climbed, he asked, “What’cha doing here again, Carne?”
          Carne took a swig of a flask from his inside jacket pocket. “I heard my old man is having another birthday party. I figured his only son should be here.”
          “You don’t give a fuck about your old man,” Derrick jeered. Just because he was getting high that didn’t mean he couldn’t comprehend that Carne had another motive for being back in Davenport.
          “Truth be told, Derrick,” Carne said. “I need some money more immediate than what I thought I did and I think my old man’s gonna give me my share of what is owed to me.”
          “Earnest don’t have no money,” Derrick giggled. “Except in his insurance policy. What are you going to do? Kill him?” This thought sent Derrick in a round of chuckles to himself.
          Carne encouraged Derrick to take more drags of the joint. “Just get yourself where you want, Derrick, and we’ll talk about it some more.”
          Derrick let the power of the drug take over.
Teach Me to Love Chapter 13 Part 3
Sylvia Hubbard
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