Teach Me To Love – Chapter 13 Part 2

By the time she got out of the school with a bag full of personal things, she was exhausted. Tonya promised to mail her personal items from the school to the address Rachel had provided her.
          It was less than an hour before she had to get to the train and as she walked through the teacher’s parking lot one last time, she knew she would miss this place and the rewarding feeling she received from being a teacher.
          Sitting on the hood of her car was Derrick. That cold ominous look was in his eyes, but she could tell it wasn’t really directed at her. It was more at what she was doing.
          “You don’t have to go,” he said when she stopped in front of him.
          “Get in the car, Derrick. I’ll take you home and we can talk on the way,” she said. “We shouldn’t speak here.”
          He did quickly as she ordered.
          “I’m not going to try to explain things to you. They’re more complicated than even I understand. I think you already have a feeling what’s going on.” She wasn’t going to tell him the real deal because she felt he would become very angry. “My husband has things to do in Canada and as his wife I have to be with him.”
          “No, you don’t,” Derrick refuted. “You could stay while he goes. He barely pays attention to you. He won’t even miss you.”
          “I can’t stay, Derrick. No matter how I play the cards, I can’t stay. I have to go. He wants the children with him and I can’t be without my children.”
          Incensed, he sneered, “What if I killed him for you, Rachel. You just say the word and you’ll never have to see his face again.”
          It was a good thing she had been stopped at a light when he said this, because the look of fury in his eyes terrified her. Did she really know this young man? He showed people what they wanted to see, but had he ever really showed her his true nature.
          “I won’t say that. Derrick. You won’t sacrifice your life for me. You won’t sacrifice your life to any woman! You were meant to be great; to do something with your life that will lead to better things. I know this. I feel it here.” She touched her chest.
          He put a hand over hers that was on the steering wheel and drew her palm to his chest. His touch was gentle despite the fury on his face. “But I don’t want to live without you.”
          Rachel did not want to bring up that he was just infatuated with her. It would lead to another argument regarding his true feelings. Coming to the front of his house from following his instructions, she turned into the driveway. The sun was just going down and she pulled her visor down for shade against the orange winter sunset.
          Time was running out for them, but it was better that it ended this way.
          “Derrick, there’s going to come to a time in your life, when you’ll see that this is the best decision – for both of us. There will be other women in your life. You’ll find some to be more extraordinary than the ones you’ve met so far. And one you’ll find so precious in that you’ll marry her and be a happy man. More happy than you could ever be with me. Now go, and understand that our paths were never meant to be joined. Our deck of cards are too complicated to be played together.”
          He stared into her eyes for a long moment, before he said, “Fine, I’ll go but you’ll see this isn’t the end of our story, Rachel. This isn’t the end of what we could have.”
          Rachel didn’t live in his dream world as much a she wanted to, yet she allowed him to think she accepted these words as he prepared to get out the car.
          “One more thing, Rachel, before you leave,” he said pulling her hand so that her body had to lean forward towards him.
          She knew what that look in his eyes mean and couldn’t deny that she wanted to give him what he needed. “Derrick, please.”
          “Just one more,” he said, cupping her face gently. “Pretend there’s no one in this world, but us. Just for a minute, let’s pretend that there wasn’t a husband and you weren’t a mother and I wasn’t your student.”
          Rachel wanted to kiss him more than anything and she conceded pressing forward and softly letting her lips savor the deep sweet taste of his. She wanted to remember everything about him and put all the desire and passion she had been suppressing into the kiss. A deep groan came from him, reverberating through her head as their tongues wrestled and their bodies pressed together despite the awkward position in the car.
          A knock on the hood abruptly ended the kiss and Derrick looked to see who it was while she coward her face in his broad shoulder.
          “My stepbrother’s hanging around,” he growled under his breath.
          She looked at the time. Fifteen minutes to get to the station. “I have to go, Derrick.”
          He started to protest, but she cut him off with a finger over his lip.
          “Let me go, please Derrick,” she pleaded. It wasn’t just for a physical release, but so much more.
          Reluctantly, he got out the car and watched her drive away.
Teach Me To Love Chapter 13 Part 2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard
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