Teach Me To Love Chapter 13 Part 1

Okay, I started on this not really intending to finish, but then I thought I’d leave you with a little bit more since you guys are really fast readers.
And just in case you were worried, YES, she is leaving Davenport FOREVER, so don’t ask me if she might be coming back for Derrick. YES, she is going with her husband.
No calling pestering me over the weekend, but I’d love for you to leave a comment once you’ve caught up and tell me what you want to happen.
          The night before the performance, she laid out a special dress and went to her jewelry box and put the pendant in her purse. For some strange reason, she wanted to have it tomorrow around her neck.
          Robert came home early and actually came in the bedroom looking for her. Warning bells immediately went off as she heard him calling for her as he came in their bedroom.
“We need to talk, Rachel,” he said with graveness in his raspy voice.
He looked so old even though he was a year older than her.
Sitting up in the bed, she asked, “What is there to speak about, Robert?”
He sat down on the end of the bed looking a bit lost for words and forlorn. “I’ve decided we need to get out of this place.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean we need to get up to Canada. Just for a while. My mother’s gonna let us stay there.”
There was something else, but he wasn’t going to say. She insisted. “Robert, what is going on?”
          He stood up in anguish. “I took out on a loan and I can’t pay it back. I took the policies you had on the kids and got a large amount advanced to me, but there is no way we’re going to be able to pay it back.”
          Incensed, she seethed, “How could you do something like that?” She stomped her foot very upset. “It wasn’t yours to gamble away, Robert!”
          “Shut up!” he seethed. “I don’t need your motherfucking nagging.”
          The severity of this was too much for her and she slumped on the bed not sure what to do, think or even feel. “What about my job? What am I supposed to do, just leave?”
          “You’re going to have to,” he said, without the least bit of pity or understanding.
          “How much time do we have?”
          “None. We need to get out of here by tomorrow.” He shoved a ticket in her hand. “My mother sent me the money. Take all the important papers you have and pack them up with the clothes that you need.”
          “What about the furniture and stuff? We have to store them-“
          He cut her off. “We don’t have time!” he stressed. “Just take what you can pack in a suitcase and the babies stuff. I brought boxes. Our train leaves tomorrow night.”
          Rachel looked at the ticket. Two hours after show time in the early evening. This was happening too fast. Ws this in Derrick’s plan of fate? “But…my class. I have my performance tomorrow afternoon and I have to talk to my principal.”
          “Then you better stay up tonight and get what you need done, because I want your ass and my children on a train tomorrow with me to Canada.” He jerked at her arm harshly digging his fingers in her skin making her wince in pain. Don’t fuck with me on this, Rach. Don’t you dare think you’re going to leave me stranded in this fucking mess by myself. If they try to take me down, you’re coming with me.” He threatened grievously.
          He released her roughly sending her back on the bed and storming out the room.
          Checking the time, it was only nine in the night. She didn’t know Derrick’s home number, but she could get in touch with Tonya. No…she couldn’t call him. She had to wait and tell him with the other students when she saw them tomorrow.
          She could call Austin tonight and let him know of her quick resignation. It would be called a family emergency. Austin thought it best not to let everyone know that she probably won’t be coming back. Her students had become quite attached to her and he felt her permanent departure would make them rowdy again.
          “I want to leave that window of opportunity to come back with them,” Austin said over the phone.
          Rachel didn’t’ feel right with this, but she was going to tell Derrick the truth as soon as she had time in the day to get him alone. Staying up almost the entire night, Rachel was able to pack the car with boxes that were to be shipped in the mail to Robert’s mother’s house.
          Since Austin told her he was only going to require her to bring in school property like her laptop, badge and keys, she knew she wouldn’t be required to teach, but the performance was at the beginning of seventh hour and she wouldn’t miss that.
          Making arrangements with Mrs. White to have the twins at the train station on time with Robert, Rachel stayed to make sure her students went on as planned. They did so well, she almost cried as they took their final bow. The audience loved it and Justas she wished, they won first place.
          Austin quieted the crowd down after he presented the classroom trophies. Earlier that morning when she had come to bring her items, he had given her a wonderful recommendation and told her he would announce to the school of her “family leave.”
          She looked worriedly over at Derrick who caught the expression on her face and frowned as Austin spoke.
          “Mrs. Rachel Herlong, has been a wonderful teacher, for all of us,” Austin said on his long speech of praises to Rachel.
          Sneaking another peek at Derrick, she watched him mouth the words, ‘What is going on?’
          Yet she didn’t respond on him. She looked away sorrowful unable to say the words that she knew would hurt him.
          “…sad to see her leaving us for a while on an emergency family leave…” Austin continued.
          Her students murmured or more like panicked coming around her asking her what happened, what was going on. She didn’t know what she really said to them, because as she looked to the back of the crowd that wished her well and hoped for her safe return soon, she met those cold brown eyes of Derrick’s for a long moment before he walked out the nearest exit. Rachel happened to look over at Austin, who witnessed the whole thing and she tried not to show so much emotion.
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