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Teach Me To Love – Chapter 12 – Part 1

The Christmas Holiday was uneventful for her. She wondered why Davish hadn’t spoken to her about Derrick’s grades. She also wondered why Austin had not returned any of her phone calls she had left on his voicemail. She didn’t press any of this since she was still working when she returned from New Year’s break and hadn’t gotten any kind of pink slip.
          There was a strange mood in the office when she returned and she noticed that the staff looked at her strangely.
          “What?” she asked, when the conversation instantly stopped as she walked in the main office to check her box and to see if Austin had come in. He wasn’t there, but the office staff, minus their gossiping leader, and some of the teachers were in there.
          “Haven’t you heard?” one of the office assistant’s asked as if Rachel should know.
          “Heard what?” Her heart rate increased as she wondered if word about her tryst with Derrick had gotten out.
          Leaning on the counter whispering, the office assistant said, “Laura, got caught in Davish’s office with a student.”
          “What?!” Rachel gasped overwhelmed and a little relieved.
          The assistant was about to say more, but Austin entered the office with a deep frown on his face.
          “Rachel, I need to speak with you in my office.”
          Rachel felt apprehensive, but she tried her best not to show it. All eyes in the office were on her. “I should get to my class, Austin.”
          “I’ve instructed Davish to watch your homeroom until we are done speaking.” He made space for her to walk past him. Austin was about six inches taller than her and his confidence and power made her understand why he was chosen for principal. Despite his young age for being a principal, she knew he took his job seriously.
          Sitting in front of his desk as he ordered her to, Rachel fought the nervous impulse to wring her fingers.
          As soon as he sat down, he began to speak. He was distant and businesslike. “I’m sure you’ve heard the news about Laura’s firing.”
          “I’ve been told, but I’m confused about it, sir,” she responded.
          “You might as well know the whole story, Rachel.” The disgust in his voice was very evident. “The night of the Winterfest, I personally discovered Laura in Mr. Davish’s office… pleasing a student with her mouth.”
          Gasping, Rachel said, “Why?”
          “It seems according to the student she was blackmailing him for sex.”
          Rachel was truly flabbergasted. “Why would she jeopardize her job like that?” Although this was what she should have been asking herself.
          He peered at her suspiciously. “I’ve been asking the same question about you, Rachel.”
Teach Me To Love – Chapter 12 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard
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