Teach Me To Love Chapter 12 Part 2

Staying calm, she asked even though she was positive he could hear the hammering of her fast paced heart. It was getting very difficult to breath all of a sudden, but she forced herself to look as innocent as possible as if she had expected this all to come to the surface sooner or later. … Continue reading Teach Me To Love Chapter 12 Part 2


Ocean Mist Press (e-publisher) offered me a contract today for my book, Deceptive Nights.     Sylvia Hubbard Author of Stone's Revenge just newly re-released @ http://lulu.com/StonesRevenge and coming soon the fall of 2005, erotic suspense, Drawing The Line. http://SylviaHubbard.com - Free Novels Available on the site! How to love a Black woman FREE books available on site! … Continue reading I GOT A CONTRACT!