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Teach Me To Love – Chapter 9 part 2

Reveling in the feel of her hot cotton covered womanhood pressed against his jean covered bulge, Derrick damned clothing knowing it had to be the work of the devil getting in the way of heaven. With a flick of his wrist, he managed to get the first three buttons of her blouse open.

Breaking the kiss, he moved his mouth to her neck, keeping her senses busy with his hands and the gyration of his hips against her most sensitive spot, but she wasted no time and passionately attacked his ear. He found her hotspot right behind her lobe and relished how her back arched and her nails dug into his shoulders. With reckless abandon, he attacked her neck deliciously nothing that her skin was just a sweet as he had imagined. He moved his kissed down to suckle her chest clearly nibbling a passion mark at the perfect curve of her full bosom.

The sting of the mark must have brought her back to reality because she started to push away fighting back for control. He moved back to envelope her mouth as his hips deliberately maneuvered to arouse her body. She lost her resistance again and allowed him to take her to the land of pleasure.

“D-Derrick, w-w-hat are…are y-you doing to me?” she sobbed fervently, but not stopping as she moved against him. Her body began to quiver and her breathing was coming in short lustful pants.

He could feel strong pulsing coming from her womanhood and he fought for power as he brought her to ecstasy loving how her body vibrated all over like a blissful massage. Damn clothing!
Damn! Damn! Damn!

Her body collapsed against his as she struggled to breathe and he languished in her release. Derrick was still very much aroused by this whole episode, but he enjoyed watching her too much to really care about his own needs.

“We shouldn’t…” she murmured in his neck. “…have.”

“Damn them,” he growled softly, rubbing her back for comfort taking pleasure in her closeness and how her whole body seemed to rely on his strength.

A chuckle escaped her lips and she covered her mouth as if that was wrong to do. Moving away slightly to look at him, she said, “You and I both know this can’t happen again.”

“I can’t accept that, Rachel,” he said. “I won’t deny anymore that I want you.”

“Derrick!” she cried and pushed off of him, but suddenly forgot her current upset as she stared down at her blouse at the huge mark on her bosom.

He didn’t look the least bit guilty. Matter of fact, he smiled and leaned back in the chair like he had conquered Mount Everest with his eyes closed and his hands tied behind his back.

“Never! I can’t believe myself.” This was said more to herself out loud than to him.

“I can.” Derrick stood up and took a step towards her.

She backed away as if he were the Anti-Christ. “No! No! No! I won’t you seduce me, Derrick.”

“It wasn’t my intentions. As a matter of fact, I had planned to never come near you again because I thought…” He didn’t want to admit what he was doing in order to gain advantage, but he did say, “I wanted for us to become closer as friends Rachel, so that you can understand…what I did…what happened.” Lying was so hard to do when honesty wanted to burst forth out of him. “I thought if we became friends we could be even better lovers, but I’m not going to deny I want you.”

Rachel covered her ears. “Shut up! You don’t know what you want, Derrick. You’re only sixteen.”

“Seventeen in two weeks,” Derrick corrected her again.

She huffed in frustration. “Derrick, I refuse to speak about this any further.”


Cutting him off this time, she said, “You swear to me now, Derrick, you’ll keep your hands…and lips to yourself.”

He had to bite his lip to prevent from laughing at the hysterical nature of this promise, but he said with tight control, “I promise not to physically provoke.”

She blushed profusely and finished fixing her rest of her clothes and hair. He watched in fascination, as she became Mrs. Herlong, the teacher and not the wild temptress he had just been fondling. Her composure was amazing and he could watch her all day given the chance.

“Stop it,” she said, feeling his eyes on her even though her back was partially to him.

It was his turn to flush because no woman had ever made him feel embarrassed by his desire, but he had never desired a woman like this before in his life, which only confirmed that this was different from anything he had ever experienced despite his age as she wanted to continue throwing in his face. Sure there were pretty nice teachers he had seen. There were drop dead gorgeous girls his own age throwing themselves at him all the time, but no woman could ever come to the longing and desire he had for Rachel.

Rachel went over to a desk and grabbed a sheet of paper and pen, while he picked her school keys up off the floor where they had dropped. He also put up the first aid items, while she wrote out an excuse for his second and third hour teachers.

Handing it to him, she said, “Give this to your teachers tomorrow and if they have any questions, tell them to contact me.”

Derrick only nodded, but as she was leaving out the room, he called her name. That exasperated look came on her face, but she waited for him to speak. “What’s your maiden name?”

“Smith. No one knew who my birth parents were, but the social service worker at the hospital felt Jane Doe would be too horrible of a name to give to a child, so I was named Rachel, after the nurse that found me and Smith because it’s a general last name.”

“James ain’t so bad either, you know,” he teased.

“You’re pushing your luck, Derrick,” she warned.

“I don’t rely on luck to get by or get through, Rachel.” He walked up to her and pushed back the hair that had come down like a cowlick in front of her face. “I’ll keep my promise,” he assured her. “As long as you understand that what’s to come won’t be what it seems.”

The confusion in her eyes was very evident, but he couldn’t really explain all the questions she had behind that look.

“Just trust that what happened today was true and from my heart.” He kissed her cheek before walking past her and out the room. He ducked into the nearest door knowing the third floor hallway that was under construction.

Derrick headed down to the school’s locker room to take a long cold shower. He didn’t think he could stand going through the rest of the day without one. Looking at the pass, he noticed Rachel had given him an extra hour to collect himself. Did she do that out of consideration of his need?
Or was she just being nice as a teacher?

He knew it had to be the first. She wasn’t all that innocent and his arousal had been quite evident on the back of her thigh when she was sitting on his lap. Kissing the pass, he tucked it on the inside of his jacket.

Teach Me To Love – Chapter 9 Part 2 ( c) 2005 sylvia Hubbard

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