Teach Me To Love – Chapter 9 Part 1

Derrick kept his eyes reverted to the desk. Just being here was hard enough and now she was going to subject him to being this close to him. Did she know he couldn’t control himself? Did she know how much he wanted her? How many times had he actually fantasized about having her on this very desk he sat on? Too many to name, but not as many s the ones he had of having her on her desk.

“Derrick, you can’t do that to me,” she said angrily.

“Do what?” he mumbled, slumping down in the chair trying to hide the bulge between his legs.
She took his actions as defiance, but derrick would rather have her pissed off at him than anything else. He could deal with her upset rather than knowing he could have her acquiesce at any moment.

“Where were you?”

“Is that the million dollar question of the day, Rachel?”

Huffing, she sat down in front of him. “Don’t call me that, Derrick.” Calming herself, she said, “I know you’re going through some things, Derrick, that has nothing to do with me, but I want you to know that despite everything, I do care about you, but only as a student.”

He looked at her and immediately noticed she had taken off the pendant. “Oh really? Is that why you took off my necklace?”

“I realized after yesterday, I shouldn’t have encouraged you in any way, Derrick. The present was sweet, but I should have returned it immediately considering its value.” She relaxed herself and rolled her eyes heavenwards, when he looked away from her. “Please look at me, Derrick.”

His soft red cinnamon eyes met hers and he felt the mass between his legs grow. If he could just get through all this with her, he could do his best not to touch her like he really wanted to.

“I did a lot of thinking, Derrick, and maybe I was cruel in my intentions to help you understand that your infatuation with me can never be anything other than a passing fancy in your life.
What prompted you to take action even after what I said, I can’t understand, but I want you to know I won’t press charges against you.”

Insulted, he snorted, “That wasn’t why I was absent.”

“Derrick that could be the only reason-“

Instead of cutting her off like he usually did, he took the opportunity to gently press a finger in the middle of her lips to stop her knowing fully well what she was assuming. “Going to jail for kissing my homeroom teacher was the last thing of my worries, Rachel.” Before she could protest again about the name he called her, he pressed a little harder on her lips to hush her up. “I’d do it again in a heartbeat and I know you’d allow me to do it again.” He leaned in close to her and liked how she seemed transfixed upon his lips, but he made no effort to kiss her like he really wanted to. “I needed to clear my hear. Consider what you said. Re-evaluate our situations.” Moving his finger away, but stealing a caress of her soft cheek, he added, “And of course assess the damage I had done to our relationship.”

It took a moment to gather her thoughts, but she finally said in a breathless voice, “That’s the problem, Derrick. There is no us. No matter what you try to strategize or analyze, there can never be an us.”

“I doubt that,” he said in a very confident voice.

“You’re young,” she said with more determination. “You can hope and dream.”

“And you’re to old to do that anymore?”

“My circumstances in life are decided. Can’t you see that? Can’t you understand that?”

“Rachel, I understand every word that you say to me, but like you said, I’m young, I can hope and dream and I will do this, but I will promise not to allow it to overflow into your horrible reality again.” He sounded as if he was accepting, yet with extreme sarcasm in his voice.

She looked at him suspiciously not really sure how to address his last state and not believing one word he was saying.

He could have told her some other malarkey, but decided to let her hear what she wanted to hear in order to accomplish his mission. This seemed the only way to get to what he wanted and that was Rachel Herlong’s legs wrapped around his waist…

With feigned acceptance, tamping down the hardness in his groin, Derrick asked, “So we’re friends again?”

She nodded hesitantly with apprehension all over her face.

He stood up and outstretched his hand as if to shake on it would erase all he had done up until now.

Rachel smiled her trusting brilliant smile and he had to concentrate off her face in order to keep his lust for her under control as she outstretched her hand to seal their agreement.

As they shook hands, she said, “I do have a surprise-“

The door to her classroom opened and they both looked in the direction of the open door to see that Laura was standing there clearly showing jealously all over her face.

Rachel quickly snatched her hand out of his and walked to her desk. “Is there something you wanted?” she asked Laura.

This was the last person Derrick wanted to speak to and was glad Rachel was buffering for him.

“On no, I just thought to check to see if you were okay and about the that tip that I gave you.” Laura tore the hungry gaze off of Derrick and forced herself to look at Rachel.

“That tip went fine. More than fine,” Rachel said and looked at Derrick, motioning him to come to her desk as she wrote out a pass to his next hour.

Derrick took the pass she handed him, but pretended to make a mistake and touch her fingers as he took it.

Their eyes met and a wave of electric seemed to shoot through her system. “See you tomorrow, Derrick,” she said stiffly.

He only grunted before he left out the room. Laura ended the conversation with Rachel quickly and caught up with Derrick in the hallway coming in front of him at the top of the third floor steps to stop his quickened pace. Davish wasn’t in his office because of lunchroom duty so they wouldn’t be heard unless Rachel came out her room.

Deliberately keeping his voice low, he said through gritted teeth, “What the hell do you want?”

Ignoring his annoyance with her, she smiled wickedly up at him. “You, of course,” she said, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing herself against him.

“Not here, Laura,” he said moving away from her.

“Really? I thought here would be perfect.”

“No,” he said adamantly. “Not now.”

“How about next Friday after Thanksgiving. The school will be open to the staff, but no ones
required to attend that day. It will be perfect.”

“No!” He started to walk the other way.

“Then you can forget about those records being found or your chances to get out this school until the twelfth grade, Derrick James,” she said in an evil melodious voice.

He glared at her over his shoulders. “You devious bitch,” he sneered coming back to her.

Reaching her hands between his legs to cup his member in her palm, Laura chuckled triumphantly, “Next Friday, Derrick. Use the custodian entrance to sneak your ass up here where we can be alone.”

He didn’t move as she walked away from him. After he heard Laura go down the stairwell, he hit the wall as hard as he could in his anger. The tile from the ceiling fell down and a rack appeared in the wall as he moved his hand away. The pain of the impact did nothing to stop the pain in his soul. When this was all over there would be several people who would pay, he swore that to himself, as he looked down at the side of his palm to see there was a small cut to his flesh.

The smell of sweet strawberries interrupted his anger and he knew who was coming down the hallway even before seeing who it was. Rachel came around the corner to the stairwell.

“What’s going on, Derrick?” she asked worriedly. “Why are you still up here and not in class?”

“Nothing,” he mumbled. “Nothing that you can do anything about.” Despite his upset, he couldn’t help but feel good that she was there looking very concerned up at him and then her eyes went down to his hand.

Gasping at the small trickle of blood come from his knuckle, she ordered, “Come to Mr. Davish’s office with me.”

He followed her watching her every move as she went to the first aid cabinet and found some alcohol and bandage. She instructed him to sit in a chair across from her where they could be eye to eye and she could apply first aid to the small cut on his hand that wasn’t bleeding as bad now, but the dust from the wall was making it burn a little.

“I should call your mother immediately,” she said.

“That’s okay,” he replied casually. “My shots are all caught up and it’s really just a scratch. Plus, it’s no ones fault, but mine and she won’t even notice it.”

Languishing in the divine scent of her, Derrick had a chance to study her face up close nothing the cute nose, sultry thick lips and the angelic erotic shape of her eyes graced with long lashes defining her face. He figured given the chance he could plant a million kisses on her face in so many different places. His eyes traveled down her long slender neck and he had to wonder would she be sensitive right behind her ear, or was her neck a playground of nerves that could be aroused with his mouth. He found himself longing to nibble at her soft skin that reminded him of dark caramel from a Snickers bar and he wondered if it tasted just as sweet.

“How did you do that?” she asked as she cleaned the dust off the cut with an alcohol swab.

“It doesn’t pay to have a quick temper, Rachel.”

The exasperated look in her eyes clearly told him the upset over the controversy she was having with him over her name.

Reading her mind, he assured her, “You don’t have to worry about anything. In the right situation, I will call you Mrs. Herlong, but I’ll let you know now, I won’t like it since you aren’t married to me.”

More exasperation appeared on her face because she had really thought this was a dead subject.
“It’s not right, Derrick.”

She applied too much pressure on him and he pretended that it hurt more than usual.

Quickly apologizing, she said, “Why can’t you just call me the name like other students.”

“I would if I considered myself an equal to them. I don’t and won’t. I’ll call you what I deem is comfortable for me and I like calling your name, Rachel,” he said in his most seductive voice.

She noted his well spoken words and knew this was not a child sitting in front of her. Derrick James was a man who knew how more than what he showed to others.

He continued, “Like a Shakespearean poem, when I say your name I feel renewed with strength and love.”

She was falling under his spell again. Her eyes had begun to dance and there was certainly interest although she was trying to fight it. “You don’t talk like a sixteen year old, Derrick.”

“Seventeen in two weeks, Rachel, and I don’t act like one either.”

As if she was trying to justify it, she said, “You’re more mature than any man I’ve ever known. I can see why you are confused about your feelings for me. You are wise beyond your years. It must be difficult to be you when you’re so opposed by so many people who want to treat you like a child” Pity was in her eyes. “Do you ever feel trapped with a mind of man and a body of boy?”

Raising an inquisitive dark coffee brow, he said, “I assure you this is no body of a boy, Rachel, because I know I’m man enough to give you pleasure.”Looking up at him as if she wanted to say something of great importance, derrick waited for her to say anything, but whatever was on the tip of her lips wouldn’t come, so he leaned in close to her to partake of the sweet breath from her lips. Dipping his head to the right, he didn’t apply too much pressure at first and knew she would be hesitant, but as she parted her lips to allow his tongue to easily dip into the moisture of her mouth, he took the chance of wrapping his arms around her and gathering the tight bottom to easily slid her in his lap as her skirt slid up her thighs and bunched around her waist. Derrick could smell her arousal and the thought of her wetness tantalized all the senses in his body. He kissed her with desperation wanting to arouse her own senses beyond control so that her will was his.

Teach Me To Love – Chapter 9 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard