Teach Me To Love – Chapter 4 Part 2

“Yes! Oh yes, Laura,” Dwayne Davish was panting.

Being quiet as a mouse, Rachel cracked the door open a little bit more and peaked inside to see Laura stretched across the desk naked from the waist down and her legs were wide open.
Dwayne Davis was lying between her legs with his pants and underwear down by his ankles.

Laura madly scratched at his back in reckless passion as he drove repeatedly deep inside of her. He rocked her thighs so hard the desk they were using inched back by each hard thrust Dwayne executed.

Covering her mouth, Rachel gasped her disgusted horror knowing Dwayne Davish was a married man of six years who had the wife that always became overly drunk at all Christmas parties, according to the gossipers in the main office – Laura was included in this club – but
Rachel would bet her bottom dollar the gossipers didn’t know what their ring leader was doing at this very moment. Quietly, yet with hurried paces, she rushed down the three flights of stairs and out of the school. Her heartbeat accelerated as she prayed she had not been caught peeping, but on top of that just the very idea of what she had seen had…

Excited her? No…well, yes. Sex had been down to nothing between her husband and Rachel. Sometimes in the middle of the night, Robet would forget in his sleep and roll over and cradle her but once he awoke he was quick to move away. So seeing what she had just seen, had aroused her senses and made her remember how it felt to be a woman and feel like a woman.

The teacher’s parking lot was near the front of the school and she had parked in the very back in her old Honda that miraculously continued to run every day.

It was dark because of the approaching wintertime even though it was just a little after five in the afternoon. Dusk was settling in the clear sky and her vapid breath could be seen coming from her lips.

“You shouldn’t walk out here by yourself, Mrs. Herlong,” a deep voice said startling her from behind.

Turning around, her abrupt stop almost made Derrick bump into her.

“What are you still doing here, Derrick James?” Rachel demanded.

“Waiting for my ride,” he answered coolly.

Calming herracing heart, she apologized for her huffiness. “this day has been rather trying, Derrick. Would you like me to wait with you?” she asked.

“If you want,” he said nonchalantly.

She looked back in the parking lot to see Laura’s and Mr. Danish’s car there. Were they waiting for her to leave or spying on her as she had spied on them?

“I can see my ride from where your car is parked, Mrs. Herlong. So you don’t have to go far when I get picked up,” Derrick said, taking her heavy bag from her and walking with her to her

For some reason, she had a feeling he knew her vehicle already and had been waiting for her to come out. Did Derrick have a crush on her?

“Mrs. Herlong,” he said quietly, helping her put her bags in the back of the car next to the
double car seats. She noticed he took little notice of this as if it didn’t bother him. “If you could ask for anything you wanted for your birthday, what would it be?”

“Anything?” she asked amused.

“Yes, anything.” There was that serious glare in his eyes again.

Rachel decided to take his question sincerely, but it was hard to think of just anything when no one had ever asked her this question in a long time. Robert certainly didn’t care what she wanted and with no other friends and family around she hadn’t felt considered as a person in a while. “I have to be honest with you Derrick and say-“

He cut her off. “It’s none of my business again?”

Chuckling, she said, “No, I wasn’t going to say that. I was going to say, I wouldn’t know what I want. I could shout my needs in a heartbeat, but my wants have always been…insignificant.”

“So even if a Genie swept down to grant you a wish, you couldn’t find anything to ask for? Even if you were young again?”

The conversation was rather pubescent and she almost felt young again. “You mean like a teenager?”

He gave her other suggestions. “What about your parents? Would you want to know about your parents?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think about them, and since I’ve grown up in foster homes, birthdays and receiving gifts for holidays were never something of a big thing with me. I stopped wanting things a long time ago because I felt I would never get what I wanted.” Thoughtfully she pause and finally said, “There was one Christmas though when I was fifteen and the foster lady I stayed with gave us personal Christmas gifts. I was living there with twin sister who were
fostered as well. She gave me a charm bracelet, which I still wear to this day.” She wiggled the bracelet on her right arm with only three charms on it. “I buy a charm for special occasions.”

He took her arm and took a close look at the charm. So close she could feel his warm breath on her wrist. “There haven’t been many special occasions in your life, Mrs. Herlong,” he observed.

Rachel pulled her arm away and continued her story. “The foster mother gave the twins two beautiful pendants with their picture inside.” She touched the front of her collarbone as if an invisible pendant was there. “I always wished for a pendant of my own, but I never said anything at the time, because I didn’t want to be ungrateful for the bracelet.” Looking up at
Derrick, she smiled longingly with a deep breath. “I just never got around to buying me something like that.”

“Why?” he inquired.

“Diapers are more important?” she sarcastically figured. “Plus, a gift like that wouldn’t be special if I bought it for myself.”

A horn honked loudly and rudely in front of the school. Derrick looked very reluctant to leave and hesitated for a moment as if he wanted to say something very important. The horn honked again, this time longer and very drawn out.

“Goodnight, Derrick. See you tomorrow,” she said as if giving permission for the young man to leave.

He only nodded before turning away and running into the darkness toward the car. She heard a car door slam and a muffler in a very much need for repair as the car drove away.

Getting in her car, she drove home for the night. Mrs. White brought the twins home as was their ritual and Rachel finished her nightly routine as early as possible so she could work on the play for the kids.

Lying in bed alone, she looked at her hand where the cheap gold band of her wedding ring was on. She remembered how Robert had reluctantly paid for it. Why had he married her again? She knew the pregnancy was a major factor and she knew that deep down in his heart he had some very deep love for her, but there was so much going on in Robert’s mind, she didn’t know if she should be apart of his life anymore.

The twins meant a lot of him and to take them away could take away his current ambition to make something of himself – what little that was. What would become of Robert if she took the kids away?

Should she really care? He never cared about her? Or at least it seemed.

Trying to go to sleep, she wondered if she were sixteen again would Derrick actually find a girl like her attractive? Would those deep goldenrod eyes of his glitter and dance for her? Would love change a man like Derrick like it had changed Robert?

She didn’t’ want Derrick to change. Despite what others thought of him, Derrick was a fascinating young man who was meant to be something really great. Even if it would be immoral and adulterous to be with him, she was scared a woman like her in his life would limit his potential just like it had done Robert. She never wanted to mess up a man’s life again.

Just as sleep had started to set in, Justin’s screams awakened her. She checked his temperature and knew it had to be one thing – An ear infection. It would be a long night and sleep would not be coming to her. Packing the kids up to go to Children’s Hospital in Downtown Detroit, she knew a dream like having Derrick James was only going to be a fantasy that would never come

Teach Me To Love – Chapter 4 Part 2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard