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Teach Me To Love – Author Interuption

Hey y’all.

Okay, its coming, but I thought I should take this time to say thanks for sticking with me.

I also wanted to address the many off loop emails and the recent reply to one post about teacher and student topic.

One comment was flat out, that’s just nasty. And then someone said, that’s just not my taste.

Well! (trying to sound insulted.) I’m going to be honest. If I found my sweet innocent little boy messing around with his teacher, yeah the B gotta die. I wouldn’t give a damn who initiated it.

And with all this mess going on about female teachers actually doing this and coming to the forefront, i wanted to touch on it. I mean who hasn’t had a fantasy about that situation. Who wouldn’t take moment and dresss up like a teacher and have a younger man just …. (we’ll leave the fantasies to the story… LOL).

So for those who are turned off by the prospect of what you think will happen, well, I’m sorry I couldn’t excite you to stay, but those of you who know me, know, I got something up my sleeve and my stories never turn out like you think they will. (smiling wickedly).

Patience is a virtue and I ain’t throwing out no hints but y’all know how i like to justify the wrong. (bad as I wanna be)

Okay. I’m gonna try to post more excerpts today, cause I got meetings tomorrow and don’t know if I’ll have time to post any tomorrow.

Thank and as always Enjoy….

Your author

Sylvia Hubbard

PS: I hope you all haven’t forgotten about my car fund. Donations are wonderful and available to do on my site. You know its cold in Detroit and I’m still carless, so help a sistah out. But buying a book would be even better and passing the word to others to buy books too. Especially with Christmas, they make great Christmas gifts. hint hint – big orders needed!!!

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