Teach Me To Love – Chapter 3 Part 1


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Chapter 3 Part 1

Arwin shook his head in disbelief. “You’re going to get into a lot of trouble, Derrick,” he warned.

Derrick shrugged tossing the orange in the air despite the warning that the lunch aide had given him just a few minutes ago. “About what? I did the assignment to the letter, it’s not my fault that she can’t put in the instructions what she really wanted us to do.” He enjoyed fucking with these smarty-pants teachers. If he couldn’t get them to notice his intelligence then he decided he’d drive their ass crazy.

“I don’t even understand what you’ve written,” Arwin said.

Tonya, the only girl that hung out in their group, grabbed the assignment out of Arwin’s hand and looked it over. “You so stupid, Derrick. Even the teacher won’t be able to figure out that equation.”

“Good, maybe then he’ll leave me the hell alone,” Derrick sneered.

Arwin nudged Derrick just as they were getting in the lunch line. Derrick followed his best friend’s eyes to a couple of people ahead of them. Arwin was almost six feet, skinny as a beanstalk and could easily see over everyone’s head easily just like Derrick.

The shoulder length dark head of hair was easily discernable even though she was only five feet five, plus the rounded derriere peeked out from the line. Oh yes, Mrs. Herlong was getting her lunch.

Derrick couldn’t help the confusing stirrings rushing through him at just the sight of her. Skipping past the students trying to get food, Derrick and Arwin made it through the line until they were standing beside her. She was paying attention to the lunchroom attendant who was picking out a bowl of fruit and vegetable for her.

Arwin cleared his throat loudly to draw her attention to them and she cast them that brilliant white smile that she had bestowed upon the class the first day.

Derrick wondered when she was looking at her husband did he get a special smile? There was just something about her that drew his interest and he couldn’t figure it out. Did she have an even more beautiful smile for people she loved? Were those her natural teeth? Couth teeth really grow that perfect? Why couldn’t he see any flaws in her face? Were her lips as soft and juicy as they looked? Why couldn’t he stop thinking about her all the time?

“Hello Arwin,” she said in a melodious voice and looked past Arwin at Derrick. “Hello Derrick.”

“Hi Mrs. Herlong,” Tonya said pushing through the crowd and coming up beside Derrick.

“Hey Mrs. Herlong, are you happily married?” Arwin asked bluntly.

Derrick wanted to hit his friend in his mouth for his rudeness.

This didn’t make her uncomfortable. “That’s none of your business, Arwin.” She paid for her food and walked away.

Derrick picked up a milk and slapped fifty cents on the counter before getting out of line with Arwin behind him and Tonya bringing up the rear.

“Why’d you go and ask her some shit like that?” Tonya snapped at Arwin.

Derrick knew why Arwin did, but he just wished Arwin didn’t have to be so immature about the whole matter.
Rachel Herlong wasn’t someone who wanted to be with a child. She needed a man. Derrick felt he could be that man for her. Not some guy who made her stare longingly into nothingness when she though she was alone in her classroom, or the guy who made her look so stressed out some mornings.

“Why don’t you shut up and mind your business?” Arwin snapped at Tonya.

They began a round of cursing back and forth at each other as Derrick pondered about Rachel.

“Excuse me,” Rachel said at the end of the table near Arwin with her lunch tray still in hand.

None of them had even noticed that she had not left and they all hoped she had not heard what they were arguing about.

Derrick’s eyes met her light nutmeg brown eyes. She was looking directly at him – A very rare occurrence indeed. Usually in class she avoided giving him direct eye contact. It wasn’t that he felt she was scared of him like other administrators in this stupid school, but it was as if she knew something about himself that he didn’t know and if she stared long enough, Derrick would be able to read her mind.

“Yes, Mrs. Herlong?” Arwin asked.

Derrick didn’t mind his best friend speaking for him, because his reputation around the school was that he was student who spoke very little and if he had to open his mouth he was like fucking E.F. Hutton.

“Derrick, I need to speak with you.” She handed him a pass. “If you could come to my class once you get done with your lunch.” Rachel looked at the empty table and smirked. “I take it, you won’t be long?”

He watched intently as she walked away leaving the lunchroom and heading to her room to eat her meal.
Derrick was usually on the third floor skipping lunch and watching her eat. Why had she decided to come to him, he didn’t know, but he would certainly find out.

“Why do y’all be watching her all the damn time?” Tonya asked suspiciously, munching on a bag of chips as if her ass needed more cholesterol. Like most of the teenage females his age, they were getting on the new Depro Vera that was out and it was making their ass fat as hell.

True, Derrick loved a little junk in the trunk, but some of these girls were just way to plump for his taste. Now, Mrs. Herlong had nice junk in her trunk and even after her babies she was just right.

“You got the hots for Mrs. Herlong?” Tonya asked with a mouth full of chips looking at Arwin and Derrick.

Before he could answer, Tonya said, “It ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. So do all the other little boys in this school.”

“Unlike them,” Arwin said proudly. “Derrick’s gonna get in her pants.”

“You a nasty motherfucker, Arwin,” Tonya cackled with food coming out her mouth.

They started cursing back and forth again at each other. Derrick got up and went over to the door of the lunchroom. He was aware of all the eyes on him. Even the senior girls watched him like a hawk, but he wasn’t interested in any of those girls. He wasn’t interested in anyone, except Mrs. Rachel Herlong.

“Hey Derrick!” Arwin yelled from the doorway of the cafeteria. The lunch attendant was holding Arwin inside.
Derrick lied, “Yeah, she wanted to see him too.”

The lunch attendant believed Derrick and allowed Arwin to come with him. Just as they were rounding the corner, they heard Tonya screaming for them to come back and get her out. They didn’t stop and go back though.

“It’s enough you got me out of there, she aint nothing but a nosey bitch,” Arwin grumbled as they took the flight of steps two at a time. “What do you think Mrs. Herlong wants?”

“Same old shit, just a different teacher,” Derrick mumbled knowing this probably had something to do with his paper he turned in this morning. He knew having Arwin there with him was only to be a witnessed in case Mrs. Herlong decided to lie on him about some things like some other administrators had tried to do.

Arwin stopped at the second landing and grabbed Derrick to stop him too. “What’s that supposed to mean, man?”

“It means I probably got the hots for the lady who’s going to be my demise, Arwin.” He was frustrated over his feelings and the fact that Arwin couldn’t understand what the hell demise meant. Derrick knew his higher vocabulary was hard for Arwin to understand sometimes which is why he always chose not to speak a lot, but he couldn’t help showing his intelligence and he wasn’t going to dumb down just to fit in. “She’s probably on the side of all the other adults and wants me out of here.”

“I think you’re just paranoid, Derrick,” Arwin said.

“Why shouldn’t I be?” Derrick asked. “When everything I do scrutinized or frowned upon by that jackass Davish and my parole officer? They’re just sitting around waiting for me to fuck up. She could be on their side.”

“Look, maybe you better not go see her, man. Your temper ain’t on your side today.”

Derrick calmed himself. This could be one of those chanced that he had to get to her. To get her to think about maybe there could be a possibility for them. He took the flight of stairs almost three at a time to get up to the third floor with Arwin struggling to catch up.

Her door was opened and when he walked in, she was chewing on a piece of carrot. A little Ranch dressing had gotten on her upper lip. He stopped in the doorway to look at her. She had opened up her blouse a little, which she usually kept buttoned up to the neck and she wasn’t wearing her jacket.

He figured she wore those corny clothes because they made her look a little mature, but in truth he could see past all that. Still this opportunity to see just a little skin exposed that seemed so taboo was exciting to him that he completely forgot to be defensive when he walked in.

“I didn’t expect you so early,” she said a bit flustered quickly, closing the file she had been reading and sticking it in her desk.

Coming to the desk, he reached over and touched her face. She didn’t move away like most people did from his closeness. “You got dressing on your lip,” he said getting a chance to touch her cheek and liking that her skin was real soft.

She took a napkin and wiped her cheek and lips then handed him one for his hand. “I was just a little bit too hungry, I guess, and trying to eat and study is never good.” She tossed the rest of the food in the garbage.

“That’s all you’re going to eat?” Derrick asked, seeing the full bowl of fruit and just a few raw vegetables in the bowl. She hadn’t eaten much at all.

“If you must know,” she said defensively. “I’m trying to lose weight.”

Arwin chose that time to come into the room from catching his breath in the hallway. “Lose weight, Mrs. Herlong? You look damn good!”

Rachel flushed. “Thank you, Arwin, but I don’t recall writing your name on the pass.” She looked passed Arwin to see if anyone else was going to join them.

Derrick took this opportunity to look behind her desk. He noticed she didn’t close the drawer all the way and he evasively peeked over her desk to look at the folder. His name was on the top and he wondered why she would be reading up on him?Becoming defensive again, Derrick asked in a very harsh voice, “What did you want to speak with me about, Mrs. Herlong?”

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