As you know we’ll be starting the new book on November 14th, 2005 by 10:30am.

All the while, I have absolutely no title for the book. I can never name a book and with this one it’s going to be a real challenge since it’ll be a live online thing, like Mistaken Identity.

I want to thank all my faithful readers who have been keeping up with the blog entries.

The next full-length story will be about a teacher who falls for her student, and learns a lesson in seduction. I’m looking for a title of the book from that short description. I’d appreciate any help in that area if possible.

The winner will receive a copy of Stone’s Revenge. (If you already have a copy – and you’re the winner – just let me know and I’ll replace it with another book)

The winner will be announced on the blog November 14th when the synopsis of the book will be posted. When or if the book is published, the winner’s name will be mentioned on the dedication page as well get a tradeback copy of the book too.

Send in your entries with your mailing address no later than November 11th to Thanks!!!

4 thoughts on “NAME THAT BOOKS!!!!

  1. That’s hard. Is the love fatal like in (1)Fatal Attraction, or something like (2)My Young Boy Toy, (3)Baby Love, (4)A Teachers’ Heart, (5)My Tender Roni, (6)Teachers’ Pet….I’m having fun….

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