Deceptive Nights – Author Interuption

WOW! I mean it when I say, WOW! You'all shot the graph almost off the charts. I was floored to see everyone so into the story. I mean this baby started off so quiet now you guys are on a roll.PLEASE don't stop!First, I want to warn you, I probably won't be posting until about … Continue reading Deceptive Nights – Author Interuption

Deceptive Nights – Chapter 23 Part 1

Okay, last one for the day. Loving it and it's really taking alife of its own. I almost forgot i was suppose to be working,LOL.I'll see y'all tomorrow and pleaselet me know how you like it.Enjoy...Deceptive Nights - Chapter 23 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard Sylvia Hubbard and download a book at: reading Deceptive Nights – Chapter 23 Part 1