New Look of our story

As I prepare for our upcoming story, (which I haven’t named yet) I’ve decided to give the blog a face lift.

To the links section, since i’m using blogrolling to help me out in links with other authors and such, i’ve decided to put in the starters to how people can come and find the beginning of the stories listed and just tell people to check that part.

Don’t forget November 14, 2005 to meet me here by 1030 to get the first installment of the next story.

If you can’t wait or might forget, then you have two options:

Subscribe to my Yahoo Group which gets personal updates about my events and me, plus my story blog at: (If you’re amember already and you’re getting this just ignore it, LOL)

or you can fill out this form at:
and select the story blog to be notified of any updates.

It’s your choice. Hope to see you on 11/14/05

One thought on “New Look of our story

  1. I look forward to reading your story. From author to author, it’s wonderful putting words on paper……

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