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Deceptive Nights – Author Interuption

Oh my good-ness!

that’s really all I can say.

I really didn’t expect the comments (or vicious threats by family members, LOL) to pour in, but I’m loving it!

Okay. I’ll post by 11 today, I promise. Got into work and calls have been hammering me, plus I went on a date yesterday and albeit he was cool, I’m completely drained mentally, which is probably why I don’t date in the first place, LOL. Too much work.

Talk to u later and thanks so much for all the encouragement and all the people who passed around word of the story, Thank you so much. That was just too cool to gather new readers so late in the story.

Usually people get to this point in the story and just want it to hurry up and end, but y’all acting like you never want it to end, LOL.

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