Deceptive Nights – Chapter 18 Part 2

Okay, this is the absolutely last
one for today and OH MY LAWD it just got so good.

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can enjoy this together!!!

See you guys early Monday morning as
usual. I know you’re just going to kill me this time.




Deceptive Nights – Chapter 18 Part 2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

TO BE CONTINUED MONDAY AND NO DEATH THREATS (you know who i’m talking about and no calling me trying to get me to tell
you what’s gonna happen, LOL.)

4 thoughts on “Deceptive Nights – Chapter 18 Part 2

  1. I sense a LITTLE jealousy form Lawrence…can’t he get his own woman? In one of the early chapters weren’t those two fussing about a girl. His this some kind of payback on Lawrence’s part?

  2. I totally agree with you on that one bee’. I had to read it twice, lol. Can’t wait for Monday. Sylvia, you’re great! Keep up the great work!!! I’m just loving this and all of your work!

  3. Aw man!! They came to blows over this chik. I thought Desmond was being a lil soft but I guess he was right.

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