Author Interuption – 100 hits in less than 30 mins


You guys are really eating this bad boy
up. I’ve never seen the counter jump like that before.

WOW!! again.

That will make my weekend!!. So Monday
is really going to be fun!

4 thoughts on “Author Interuption – 100 hits in less than 30 mins

  1. girl do not be surprised. your writing just draws you in and you can’t help but finish reading it. WHY DID YOU STOP AT THE GOOD PART??!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? my next paychecks are yours! goodbye ej dickey & zane, hello sylvia hubbard!!! i just told my friends about your blog and they are eatin it up. this book is by far the best besides stealing 1&2. keep this shit up girl.

  2. Monday, we will continue this and thank you so much for the word of mouth (which by the way is the best form of marketing so you in turn are helping my car fund so I don’t have to put a big ass billboard out on I-75 saying, “GO BUY MY BOOKS.” lol) In 2006 I would love to start traveling to other cities. I have places to stay in Atlanta, Tennessee, Mobile(AL), Columbus (GA), Any place in Ohio, Chicago, Any place in Florida, Indianapolis, and I think I have family in Philadelphia.So if you have bookstores you’d like for me to visit during my tours, please email me contact information and do me one more favor, order my books through them so they will stock them. Right now there are only two books with ISBN’s, but I’d prefer if you’d just order Stone’s Revenge from them cause I want to revise Dreams of Reality. Stone’s Revenge’s ISBN is: 1-4116-2449-1. Thank you.Thank you.

  3. alot of ppl don’t like to discuss the ‘getting money for sex w/out looking like a prostitute’ issue in depth. the way you have her falling in love w/ him is like the ultimate love story. it’s an unexpected event that you wouldn’t see from any other author. well anybody who has read something like that can argue if they want. i haven’t seen this before and i love whatcha did with it. i believe ur gonnna make it big. hell ur makin it big w/ all my buds!! makin a pledge now to promote your books worldwide!! who’s with me???!!!

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