Deceptive Nights – Chapter 10

As soon as the door to her office was closed and locked, Phoebe leaned on the back of the door to catch her breath and get control of herself. She was shaking all over felling hot and cold at the same time, but either way there was the flush of tingles in every part of her body.

The urge to make love to him again was quite powerful, but she fought it with all her will. She couldn’t allow herself to give in to the pleasure he could give her or she was sure she would lose her heart to him. No, she had to find someone she was clearly indifferent to because she needed to have control.

Jacoby clearly had an aura about him that she was drawn too and she was terrified he would be another Daniel.

A soft knock at her door sent her heart racing again thinking it was Jacoby, but then Simon’s voice came across.

“They’re gone. I just saw their limousine leave. You can come out now.”

She opened the door partially and looked at him with narrowed eyes. He looked as if he were about to burst out laughing. “Shut up,” she snapped, coming out the office completely turning off her light.

“You slept with him?”

“That’s none of your business and if you know what’s good for you Simon, you should keep your business to yourself.”

Simon giggled wickedly. “Then I shouldn’t tell you the juicy gossip, Latrice told me.”

Latrice was Madeline’s assistant in Lansing. Simon and Latrice were constantly on the phone with each other gossiping back and forth about each office’s going-ons. Latrice knew all of Madeline’s personal business and loved telling Simon about it. Simon could keep a secret if you made sure you told him it was a secret, but he often shared some of Latrice’s information with Phoebe even though she didn’t want anything to do with office gossip.

Yet the way Simon was giggling, she knew it was something she should pay attention to. “What Simon?” They walked out the office together and he locked up as she pushed the elevator button.

He came over to her and leaned real close to her with a devilish glint in his pretty green eyes. “Remember a couple of months ago, Latrice said Madeline’s got herself a love slave and it’s a friend of one of our suppliers?”

Her face became a frightful gray.

He continued on taking her silence as not remembering what he told her. “Remember when Madeline got drunk at the Christmas party and was telling us how she got her bootie calls with a tall dark man. How she would just call him up and he’d come over and do her, then leave. They wouldn’t talk. Just do it. He was like her love slave. Remember?” Simon finally looked at her as the doors opened and she didn’t step in. He then realized her silence was because she didn’t remember. Her silence was horror. Horror at knowing exactly what Simon was going to say.

“It was him?” she asked in a tiny voice.

He nodded confirmation.

“How do you know?”

He spoke as if she should know this already. “Latrice has sent me photos of him coming and going into the Lansing office from her phone. I recognized him the moment he stepped foot in here yesterday, but I was surprised he returned today.”

Phoebe felt so sick to her stomach, she ran to the bathroom to relieve what little contents she had inside.

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Deceptive Nights – Chapter 10 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. looks like another Daniel??????? Is she throwing up because of that or because Madeline is a friend of hers?? I’d like to know how Madeline feels about Jay

  2. I think she is throwin gup because she is know in the same category as Madeline.

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