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Thanks for all your patience. This has been a tremendous project that I worked on.

I wrote this piece as a sequel kind of to Dreams of Reality. It was pretty fun and of course pretty hot. It doesn’t have the premise of Dreams of Reality, but some of the characters do carry over. (I’m famous for that one).
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I hope you like it and please comment. You know I like that.

I promise that this one will go to the end. I won’t care who offers to buy it. I’m giving you a full story this time. So read and enjoy and I’ll leave you hanging as less as possible…. okay, that’s a lie, LOL.

Synopsis for Deceptive Nights: (this is rough draft folks)

When her husband leaves after taking all her money and dragging her credit down, Phoebe vows to never give another man any part of her heart or her body without getting something in return.

Jacoby Knight just wants to find a woman, who just wants to join themselves with his body and not his massive bank account.

On a dark night, these two strangers meet and find they can meet each other needs, yet one night won’t do when passion this hot meets.

Trying to keep it good!
Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. i cant wait to read these storuy. i’ve been reading your novel so far and i tink you r a great writer.

  2. that’s okay. i do it all the tmie too, LOL.I’m not perfect and i don’t think anyone else is. My brain thinks too fast for my fingers.

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