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Dark Facade – Part 18

I was wondering when someone would say something negative. I thought in the beginning this was a crazy stupid idea and that someone would just say Sylvia, have you lost your mind.I knew going into this, someone would say why are these chicks putting up with this shit. And i asked myself the same questions too. They’re all going to come back, next week, but why? Nicole does explain in further chapters, when Maxine wants out, the mentality of it all. And i think the dancer in the room explained it a little too in part 18. You’re black, on aid or working from paycheck to paycheck. The opportunity to be lavished upon, revered and partly worship for two days out the week with money and materials is a prominent offer. Some will put up with the “crap” in order to receive rewards, because what else is there in their lives short of selling themselves or receiving punishment from men that are suppose to care for them. One person I told the story to said it was wrong to write something like this, but in truth it really made a lot of sense and its almost scary that something like this could actually exist. She said, “If you’re gonna treat me like shit, at least pay me for it. At least I know you’re going to treat me like shit some time and I don’t have to wait for some man to come stomp on my heart to know I have to pay for the stuff with an ass whooping.”So that’s why they stay. That’s the reward they feel they get for enduring this. Some of the masters are nice, some of them aren’t, but all of them give something in order to be apart of all of this.
I would also like to add that if the age of when my heroine lost her virginity is the only continuity flaw that you’ve found that bothers you, I think I should pat myself on the back because for a first draft that you’re reading – no real editing has been done – I think that’s pretty darn good! I don’t know if most readers know that what you’re reading is coming straight from my head and onto paper. That means yu’re reading something that I go home every night and make up while I’m cooking for the kids, cleaning up my house, working on my other literary endeavors, trying to find a personal life, trying to sell a book, doing my other blog and getting at least four hours of sleep a night.With all the compliments I was getting, I think that this one mistake out of all the other mistakes i could have made can be easily corrected.
Part 18

This part of the book is no longer available. This is still available to keep history of author’s comments and readers comments while the book was live.

You may look for this book available for download in two parts at:

Dark Facade Part 18 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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