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Dark Facade – Author Interuption Part 2

Please don’t be mad at me.

I was planning on posting today and when i got to work to post, i
couldn’t find my memory stick which has the entire book on it.

I looked everywhere and with no car, i couldn’t run home for

I’m soooooo sorry people.

I’ll make sure i post tomorrow. I promise. I have the book on disk
at home and hopefully i can get it uploaded early early in the

I’m going to set my alarm now to awake at 4 in the morning to catch
the bus at five to get to work to post this chapter.

Anybody got a flashlight, cause ya’ll know Detroit doesn’t have
have any street light! LOL

In the mean time, if you guys want, I posted to my other blog, How To Love A
Black Woman
, which I’ve been neglecting because of Dark

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