Dark Facade – Part 12

This part of the book is no longer available. This is still available to keep history of author’s comments and readers comments while the book was live.

You may look for this book available for download in two parts at: http://bit.ly/smashhub

Dark Facade – Part 12 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

3 thoughts on “Dark Facade – Part 12

  1. I am truly enjoying this story. I came in early to work today so that I could read Part 12 without being interrupted. I am on pins and needles waiting for Part 13!

  2. I am so going to get fired for reading this at work! I read all the postings today. What a great work! When ever the book comes out, I will be one of the first in line to buy it! Can’t wait until Part 13 is posted.trickie

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