Dark Facade – Part 7

This part of the book is no longer available. This is still available to keep history of author’s comments and readers comments while the book was live.

You may look for this book available for download in two parts at: http://bit.ly/smashhub

6 thoughts on “Dark Facade – Part 7

  1. Okay, if ya’ll really like my story, you can just text my phone at 3132898614@tmomail.net and leave your comments during the weekend. Part 8 is coming Monday morning by 10am. See ya then, now get back to work. I’m going to pick up my kiddies

  2. I love this story. If it becomes a book please let me know…I got debit card and not afraid to use it.(LOL)darkfaer

  3. I agree with darkfaer. Have debit card and no fear. If a book is on the way……..

  4. I have to agree with the other posters: This story is hot!! Do you have a book deal in the works, because I will definitely be adding this to my collection. Keep bringing the juicy stories!

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