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RED HEART – Synopsis and Author’s Note


After a long period away, Jode returns to her hometown Detroit just to attend her best friend’s funeral.

Yet, when she finds out that the death was no suicide, she goes in search of the truth.

As secrets are revealed and the past she ran away from began to haunt her again, Jode believes that her best friend’s murderer may be her first love, Red Heart.


This is the second series in the Heart of Detroit.

Red Heart is a cousin of Lethal Heart in case you were interested but no one talks about him much. Red is part of the Crazy Hearts that most don’t speak of – and you’ll see why as you read.

As a hint to the Heart line, there’s the Hearts of Detroit, Hearts of Chicago (the royal line), and Crazy Hearts. They all have their idiosyncrasies, but most of their names give away who they are.

If you were trying to read in order, then this would be considered the first book actually in the series of the Heart Family.

Red Heart does return in 2007 in the book the longer version of Silent Lynx and he makes an appearance in 2006 of Emperor’s Heart, but if you want to read about other Hearts, please check out my other books:

Some of these novels and novellettes are available FREE. To see the entire Stealing Innocence line on one page, go to:

Look for more Heart of Detroit stories to pop up, and there’s a longer version to Silent Lynx due out in 2006, as well. (currently it’s a novella, but it will be expanded).

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