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Baby Doll – Chapter 2

Arriving at the house party around seven, she had to park almost a block down because it was so crowded. This was the first time driving her new car around since she had picked it up two days ago. Even Greg didn’t know what kind of car she had gotten. She told him it was a surprise and he had been on double overtime and too tired to come by yesterday, when she had gotten her tags, to see the vehicle.

Stepping out the SUV with her baby doll white stockings right above her knees, she took a deep breath. Her unusual curly, sandy-brown shoulder length hair was pulled back in a perfect straight ponytail. She was wearing a nice pink cotton dress that came up to the middle of her thighs, that graced her size twelve, medium body, slim waist, with spaghetti strings to hold it on her shoulders, and some pink slightly heeled shoes to look like a little girl’s doll from head to toe. She knew Greg liked it when she dressed like a little girl because she already looked so young and seeing her like this would turn him on. On top of that, when he found out she did not have on any underwear, he would just cream in his pants.

She grabbed her mini pink backpack purse and went into the house greeting old and new friends until she found out Greg had just went upstairs. Tawny wished her luck as Pendulyn mounted the stairs. There was not anyone up there in the hallway and she assumed he must have gone to the bathroom, but when she listened at the door she did not hear anyone. She peeked in quietly and her guess was right – no one was there.

Voices came from a back bedroom and she assumed it was probably the hostess of the party, Erin Pace. Greg must have went back downstairs and was somewhere in the crowd down there, but she decided to say hi to Erin while she was up here and let her know she was not staying long.

Secretly for years, Erin and Pendulyn had been rivals about different things. Pen’s other reason for giving herself up to Greg tonight was because she wanted to flaunt to Erin that she and Greg would be leaving to get their groove on. Erin had been Greg’s high school sweetheart and, according to Tawny, still wanted him back so she pretended to get along with Pendulyn in order to get closer to Greg.

Pen was smart to her game and told Greg about it, but Greg told Pendulyn she had nothing to worry about and he had no feelings for Erin anymore. Erin and he were never going to be an item ever again according to Greg. Pendulyn believed her man because she trusted him.

Hearing two voices laughing on the other side of the bedroom door Pendulyn knocked as she opened the door.

Seconds seemed like minutes as she took in the scene. Two naked bodies lying in bed grooving in perfect harmony enjoying the pleasure each gave. Erin’s finger gripped his shoulders and her dark chocolate legs wrapped around his body sending him deeper in her. They were oblivious to anyone and anything around them, including Pendulyn, who stood there and watched as Greg orgasm deep inside of Erin.

Sweat covered every inch of his thick, shaded, chocolate skin. She could see the only thing he had on was the gold chain she had given him for his birthday with the specially made charm where the gold G hung off the letter P intertwined forever, as she wanted their lives to be.

“Could you close the door?” Erin said quietly not even bothering to open her eyes to see who stood there.

Greg’s face was buried in Erin’s neck and he chuckled as he raised up a bit to say, “Maybe they liked the show, baby.”

Both of them looked at the door together to see Pendulyn still staring. She had dropped her purse to the floor and her mouth along with it.

Lovers! They were lovers and in her heart she knew this wasn’t the first time. No one could make love like that for the first time. There was too much intensity.

Without a word Pendulyn turned around and ran out of the house. Tawny must have been standing close, because she was behind Pendulyn just as she arrived at her SUV desperately trying not to cry.

“What happened? Where’s Greg? Why are you crying?” Tawny demanded.

Pendulyn forced herself to speak. “He was fucking Erin. He was in there with her.”

“You saw them?!” Tawny screeched.

She exclaimed, “Yes! I walked in on them. I didn’t make it up. I know what I saw!”

“Oh damn, girl.” They hugged in comfort as Pendulyn cried on her friend’s shoulder for a long time.

Eddie, Tawny’s baby daddy of three of her children, came out of the house. Gruffly, he asked, “Taw, you coming?” He was headed to her car.

Pendulyn knew Tawny and Eddie had been trying to work things out between them and he was a jealous man, wanting to spend all of his time with Tawny. If she refused to go with him, Pendulyn knew they would argue and she didn’t want them to argue over her again which had broken them up the last time.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” he asked crudely.

“Shut the fuck up,” Tawny sneered. “She just caught Greg humping on Erin.”

“She just found out?” he asked as if everyone was in on it.

“You knew?” Tawny asked him.

“Hell yeah. Everybody knew he’d been fucking her. I thought Penny knew and just let it go.”

“Why the fuck would she accept sharing her man?” Tawny screamed at him.

“I don’t know. Are you coming?” he demanded to know.

“Go ahead. I don’t want to cause a scene,” Pendulyn insisted as she noticed people coming out the house looking at her in concern and whispering. “I’m going home.”

“You sure, Pen?” Tawny asked.

Pendulyn knew her friend really wanted to go with Eddie and nodded. “I’ve got to get my purse and then I’ll be going. Talk to you later.”

“Call me tomorrow morning, okay?” Tawny ordered.

She nodded and watched as Tawny and Eddie drove away. After composing herself, she took a deep breath and went back into the house.

Erin was now downstairs getting a drink. She was fully clothed and almost bumped into Pendulyn. “You’re back.”

“I left my purse,” she said stiffly, trying to control the itch to slap Erin with the back of her hand.

“You aren’t going to cause any shit, are you?”

“Why? When you’ve done a marvelous job on that already. Plus, why would I want to cause anything with you when you aren’t worth the tissue I wipe my ass with.” She walked up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Erin demanded to know.

The room became extremely quiet as she stopped on the stairway and turned around. “I told you I left my purse.”

“Hurry up and get your shit and get out of here.”

Pendulyn saw five of Erin’s friends coming up behind her. Tawny wasn’t here to get her back, so she decided to get her things and leave.

She hurried upstairs and grabbed her purse still on the floor and came back downstairs. At the doorway, she turned to Erin and said, “You let him know don’t expect to see my face again.”

“Don’t worry, because he loves looking at my face. He just used you to get a good job, don’t you know that, Stupid.” Erin patted her stomach. “And after I have his baby, we were getting married next year. He was just trying to find a way to let you down easy.”

Pendulyn refused to let Erin know how much those words had hurt her, but they had. She slammed out the door and went to her SUV back down the street. Her head had started hurting and she suspected one of her migraines was coming.

Going in her purse to find her Motrin 800’s, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her wallet was missing inside her purse and her cell phone. In her wallet was the key to her car. She hadn’t had a chance to put them on her house key ring yet and had just stuck the key quickly in the side pocket of her wallet after she’d gotten out the truck.

‘Go back and get your stuff!’ her mind called out, but the look in Erin’s friends eyes told Pendulyn, they were looking for a fight and she would not be able to defend herself. She didn’t want to be stranded, but she didn’t have anyone to call. Her parents were out of town and she did not know anyone else who could help her. There was fifty cents in the bottom of her purse, but all her money had been in her wallet along with her credit cards and ATM cards.

Walking a block further down, she got to a payphone and paged Tawny 911 with her code and the phone number to Erin’s house. Hopefully Tawny would get the message and come back.

She waited there for two hours by her SUV, but no one came and now it was dark and very cool. She decided to start walking. She was about five miles from home and it was probably about a three-hour walk if she started out now. The key to her hotel room was still inside her purse, but that was about a five-hour walk, so that was out of the question. Already the thick-heeled patent leather shoes were bothering her feet.

At a casual pace, she seemed fine and built up enough warmth to keep her fairly warm from the May almost summer night. In two days it would be the first day of spring and there was still chances of showers in the air, but tonight if didn’t look as if it was going to rain, although there was some clouds overhead.

By the first mile, her feet hurt like hell. She was exhausted and hungry that she almost dove for a discarded Coney dog on the ground. Her body heat was turned off and she was freezing. The wind had kicked up and she had felt a little pelt of water here and there. Pendulyn picked up her pace telling herself she was almost home, but in the back of her mind, she knew she had about two more hours.

Several cars had pulled up next to her with men offering her rides. Who wouldn’t? She looked like a two-bit whore in this getup and she wanted to rip it off her body so bad. Her attempt to call 911 had failed when the operator told her that the police department was not a taxi service, but she could take her report over the phone about the stolen items as a larceny from a building.

Pendulyn knew she couldn’t expect much in that department. True the police was not a taxi service, but dammit if they could jimmy her car door open she could get the spare out of her glove compartment and then get all the damages fixed before her father came back in town. Hell, the SUV had only five hundred miles on it.

“Hey beautiful. Want a lift?” a nice caddie pulled up by her.

She only shook her head and kept up her pace. No eye contact, she had learned early. It only encouraged them.

He shrugged and drove off. She breathed a sigh of relief. At least he hadn’t called her a bitch like the last two. She wanted to cry, but she didn’t.

There was so much she wanted to feel right now, but she kept herself in check. She had lost her man, her valuables, and her dignity. What else could happen tonight?

A clash of thunder and lightening streaked across the sky suddenly. Out of nowhere, the rain fell like big apples and pears all around her. She kept up her stride telling herself not to ask stupid questions.

Baby Doll – Chapter 2 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

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